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Garnishing food is not a prerequisite to eat healthy. Garnish adds to the appeal and whets the appetite for good eating, makes food attractive, and can sometimes add a hint of nutrients -- depending upon the garnish.

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Q: Why should you garnish food?
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Related questions

Why do you garnish your food?

It depends what it is but i normally garnish everything with salt and pepper.

What do garnish do?

Garnish is used simply to enhance a dish or plate of food to make it more inviting.

Garnish of mixed vegetables?

A garnish is a small portion of an edible food that is put on a plate to make the food more appealing. A garnish of mixed vegetables might be parsley with a few peas and carrots or onion.

What are the rules or guidelines for garnishing food?

Here are a few important guidelines to follow when garnishing food : 1) neatness and symmetry are important factors in the overall effect. 2 the garnish should enhance the dish, not dominate it. 3) the garnish should add color, flavor and texture to the dish and should be edible. 4) foods which require a garnish are usually hot . NB// PARSLEY AND LEMON ARE ALSO SERVED WITH HOT FOODS.

What is a garnish for?

A garnish on a plate of food is meant to enhance the overall look of the meal, and therefore enhance your overall enjoyment of eating the meal, a garnish is usually edible too.

What if the employer says no to garnish?

Being that he/she is the employer and you are the employee, you should follow his orders and not use garnish.

Factors that influence the type of garnish used?

The appropriate garnish is determined by several factors. An office party would require different food, as well as different garnishes, than a dinner party would. You would decorate your home differently for your child's birthday gathering than for a cocktail party. The occasion is the first factor you need to consider. Time is another important factor. Your garnish should enhance your meal, but it should not take longer to make than the meal itself. How much time you have determines what type of food you will serve; time should also help you decide what garnishes to have. A garnish doesn't need to be elaborate and time consuming to be beautiful and interesting. You should also consider what types of food you are preparing. Often, you can garnish your meal with leftovers from your ingredients. Another important consideration involves matching your food with your garnish. You want to be sure that the flavors go together; for example, a sprig of cilantro should not adorn a dish that does not include cilantro as an ingredient.

What are functions of garnish in food?

Appearance only-to make the food look more attractive.

What are the uses of a green onion?

Tha seasonfood,garnish food

What does garnish mean in cooking?

To garnish in cooking means to add a little something (usually edible) to a dish to make it look good, it's said by some that people eat with their eyes, if something looks special, it should taste great. An example of a garnish would be a sprig of fresh parsley and a lemon wedge at the side of a grilled dover sole.

What is the difference between a garnish and a sauce?

A garnish can be any type of food, fruit, vegitables, herbs, anything. Just to make the dish look pretty. A sauce can be a garnish but most of the time you do not eat the garnish. For example a garnish would be when you put mint on top of a meat just to make it look pretty.

Where does garnish for food come from?

Garnishes are usually part of the ingrdients that have gone into the dish. so if there is mint in it a sprig of mint may be used as garnish.

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