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I think we should pretect Antarctica because it is home to many unique and valuable species of animals and mammals. If someone kills just one species in Antarctica, the entire food chain/food web will die. That is all the species in Antatctica!

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they pretect the leaves.

to pretect there young.....

Antarctica should not be developed. Period.

There are no companies in Antarctica.

yes they do to pretect them self

Antarctica is indeed a sweet place. And, it is a desert.

they prtect themselves by hiding

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Antarctica should last as long as the earth lasts.

Yes i think we should exploit Antarctica for supplying oil and minerals in case we ran out of it. However some countries think that we should not because Antarctica is the last unspoiled continent on the earth.

There are various reasons that we should try and look after Antarctica. For example, if the ice sheet that covers 98% of Antarctica melts a lot then the sea level will rise.

There is no evidence in the argument to limit the number of tourists in Antarctica.

Some of your organs, Heart, Lungs, Liver etc.

Because they pretect it from other fish who hurt it.

Antarctica should be protected because of there great wilderness and all the animals has right to be protected even if they are wild or not all animals have right to live...... that's all I can say

i dont think they do good to pretect kids these days in schools

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As long as the GPS vehicle locator receives signal in Antarctica then it should function properly. You should check with the company that supplies the GPS signal and confirm they have coverage in Antarctica.

you should go where ever you want to go.

The Australian government funded the establishment of this facility and it was decided that it should be located in Antarctica.

Hes opened so many peoples eyes on how we should treat wild life pretect our selves and to make a beter enviorment for the animals.

no mining in Antarctica my help but only for 30 years or so mining can disturb Antarctica global warming and the ozone layer

Yes we should exploit Antarctica, although many people think that we should conserve Antarctica as it is the last untouched and unpolluted continent, it is an extremely remote continent with no permanent residence. There is no wildlife around the centre of Antarctica therefore meaning we could easily exploit around the centre without effecting wildlife or the environment

The Antarctica Treaty, signed by 50 countries, says no country owns it.

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