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Safety! The helmet will protect your head in case you fall off or get thrown off the horse, much like wearing a helmet on a bike or motorcycle. You should always wear a helmet.

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Q: Why should you wear helmet when riding to somewhere?
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If you do not have riding clothes and you want to go riding what should you wear?

you should wear joggers and a jacket or jumper with wellies and a helmet

Should you wear a helmet when you ride a horse?

you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding well i would disagree, i have never worn a helmet and have never been really hurt from falling off or being bucked off, just a few bumps and bruises every once in awhile.

What safety measures should you observe when riding a motorcycle?

you should wear a helmet to protect our head

What do you wear to horse riding if you have no perfesional kit?

You can wear casual clothes with a horse riding helmet.

What is a fifth grade sentence with safety in it?

Here are some sentences.Safety should be your first concern when riding a bike.You should always wear a safety helmet when riding.

Is wearing a riding hat important?

Yes! Make sure youu always wear a helmet when jumping! Whenever riding, have proper riding helmet, not a bike helmet or anything else!

Should your child wear a helmet when riding a power wheel?

yes and they could die without one

Why do motorist wear helmet when riding motorcycles?

this is for protection on your head

Why do you have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are worn to protect your head from concussion or fatal injuries that have a relation to heads. If you wear a helmet while riding a bike, there is a chance you might fall but the helmet saving you. It is law that you were a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle, ATV, etc.. If you are caught by the law not wearing a helmet while riding said vehicles, you may be fined around $20 - $200.

What is any law for children riding horses?

They must wear a helmet.

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Australia?

Well yes, I you're riding a motorcycle. You even need a bike helmet when riding a bike. Seatbelts in cars, etc.

When do you need to wear a helmet?

In Britain it is compulsory to wear a helmet that meets British Standards. The helmet must be worn when riding as the rider or as a pillion passenger. It is a traffic offence to be stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet.