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cause they're in love

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Q: Why some people get obsessed with the word love?
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What do you do if a boy is obsessed with you?

RUN! If a boy is obsessed you have to get out! He is just trying to control you so you fall that in love with him, he is trying to make you the one he loves and him the one you love. I have personal experience of this and no matter how charming the word "love" sounds, find out the sincerity levels behind the word.

What is the German word for obsessed?

Besessen is the German for obsessed.

Which word means about the same as obsessed?


What is a good sentence with the word obsessed?

My teacher is completely obsessed with chocolate.

What does the Hindi word fida mean?

Besotted. Obsessed. Better meaning: To be lost on something or someone. As in: "I am fida on you, my love"

What are some word's that start with a that people love?

Poker players love to see aces dealt to them. People love to attend the circus and watch the acrobats. People love animals.

Why does some people use 3 instead of the word love?

Its a faster Way to wright the word love. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And if you add this: < to the 3 you get a heart. <3 = Love

Is there a word for being obsessed with the sun?

The word is photiofanafillia.

What is the word obsessed in Japanese?


How do you use the word tanning in a sentence?

Some people love tanning themselves on a beach.

What are semantics?

The study of meaning in language. For instance, some people have different definitions of the word "love".

What is the word for people that love themselves?

Egotistical people.

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