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Why somebody needs your full name and address?

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Becuase there are a lot of people with the same last name for common ones, and they could send the thing to the wrong person in the wrong state, and that person could be someone who could harm you, so you should put your address and full name on whatever it is you are filling out.

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How do you address an envelope to a Justice of the Peace?

Justice their full name, or Hon. their full name , or their full name - Justice of the Peace

How is each political party characterized?

Somebody needs only to register its name.

How did the America's Cup get its name?

I don't actuley know. but somebody needs to tell me fast!

How do you properly address a letter to the district attorney?

You want to address them as "Honorable [full name]"

President Trumps full name?

Donald John Trump.

How do you address an envelope to a rabbi and his wife?

Rabbi (full name) and Mrs.(.........) Address City, State, Zip

How do you address an envelope to US senator?

Address the envelope to "Honorable (Full Name)," just as you did with the senator's address in the letter. Then write the street address and so on.

What is correct form of address for state representative?

To the Honorable Full Name, State of State name,House of Representatives OR Dear Mr./Mrs. Full Name

What if the warrant has the persons name on it but the wrong address?

It does not matter because as long as the warrant has the persons name on it somebody in the law will find them, it will just take longer.

Why is my name Dominick?

Somebody decided that that will be your name - and that "somebody" is usually your parents.

How does a domain name server work?

What we call a Domain Server is a machine that is like a complicated traffic control centre. When a computer joins a network is needs an address. The Domain Server either has an address for it or creates an address for it. The address is important as that computer needs to introduce itself to other computers and the Server needs to know who is connected and who is not.

What are the industries names in India?

Company Name, Product Profile, Full Postal Address, Phone No., Fax No., Email Address

What needs to be in a passport?

Your name, Date of Birth, address, nationality, Parent or Guardian name, Passport number etc.

Who is the somebody in the Lorax?

No one has a name as somebody

Why is Ra the god of the sun?

Probably because somebody decided to call him that name.Probably because somebody decided to call him that name.Probably because somebody decided to call him that name.Probably because somebody decided to call him that name.

What information is compulsory for Twitter?

Twitter needs to know you're full name (First and last name), you're email address (e.g-, you're password for your account and you're username. You also need to agree to the terms of services =)

If you have given your name and full address to a scam on the web but no bank details what can happen to me?

You can get killed.

How can you sue someone with their full name but no address?

One can't ... one needs to serve the summons to appear to where someone lives ... no address available, nobody can serve the summons ... However, there are ways to obtain addresses for most anybody these days on the internet - may cost a bunch of $$, but it is possible.

What is the name for somebody writing about somebody else?

A biographer.

What is the most important information when filling out a form?

It depending what its for just for a normal form the most important information is: Full Name Age Email address Message For a shop or selling site the most important information is: Full name age email address telephone number House address

How can you search people with his mobile no and full name?

i alwayas use ur web site about people searching with his mobile num and full name but i have no single reply i mean answer.plz help me i search website when i search people by mobile no and full name.i find his current address past address.

How do you address an Episcopal bishop?

If you are writing to an Episcopalian bishop, then the address on the envelope should be "The Right Reverend (his full name)." The letter salutation should "Dear Bishop". However, in a conversation, you would address him as Bishop and last name.

What is Metart model Eva c full name?

Her name is actuall Marie Jamerson, I can sell you her address too if you like

What is written on a narcotic prescription?

Prescription Requirements A prescription for a controlled substance must be dated and signed on the date when issued. The prescription must include the patient's full name and address, and the practitioner's full name, address, and DEA registration number. The prescription must also include: drug name.

How do you treat somebody with respect in the workplace?

Be sure to address them as their proper name, for example always call them by their name instead of a nickname, don't harass or joke around, and just be nice in general.