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Because a school uniform keeps everything in order and seperates pupils from unwanted citizens. Also think about it from your own Perspective you don't have to wear all of your own clothes and then have no good clothes for the weekend

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So that rich kids dont get to flaunt their shiney dresses at the poor kids....

School is where all kids shud be equal irrespective of where they come from...

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It's used to identify what school you are from, and advertise your school or college.

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To learn everyone are equal

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Q: Why student need wear school uniform?
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Is a student in Japan required to wear Japanese school uniform?

Yes. From primary school to college, they all need to wear uniforms.

Why do teacher not wear a school uniform?

Teachers don't have to wear school uniform because the school does not have that policy. Though they do have the policies that students in that school do have to. Casual days is a kind of treat for students that are in a school that have the policy that children have to wear the school uniform. What I say is "Why cant teachers wear uniform as well as students?" So if you are a school student wondering why than let me tell you, one day teachers will and one day we will wear casual clothes.

Why should students wear school uniforms evidence?

school uniform are standard wear for many student around the world

Does seminole middle school in planation have to wear uniform?

No, Seminole Middle School does not have to wear uniform. It can be anything you want as long as it follows the Student Code of Conduct. Trust me I know!

Does the student of the Bronx high school of science wear uniform?

well most of schools do wear uniforms

Should students be required to wear school unifrom?

I dont really think students need to wear uniform. But if a student was to ditch class, no-one would know if they went to school that day or if they stayed home.

Do you have to were uniform at plantation middle if your a student?

there is uniform but you dont have to wear it

Should you wear a uniform to school?

unless your school has a uniform then wear it but not then dont

Does each school have student uniform?

Not all schools make kids wear uniforms. Mostly private schools or church school.

Why uniform is important to student s to wear at school?

Easy question to answere here ^_^ well uniform is worn because if a student got lost from their school and someone found them, just by looking at their logo on their uniform it would be easy to find what school they went to s that they could be brung back safely. Its also important to wear uniform for school because by wearing it you are representing your school and it makes you look far more smart than your normal clothes.

Do the students who wear school uniform do better?

Generally, students who wear a school uniform do better in school.

What type of clothing do australians wear for school?

Most australian kids have to wear uniform to school. Kindy, Primary, Middle and High school kids have to wear uniform if they go to a public school. Exeptions are probably some private schools. Being a high school student, I wear uniform, a rucksack and black or white trainers, (such as tennis shoes, vans, plimsolls etc). In the summer we have to wear hats, again this varies depending on the school. Hope this helps:)