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Why study accounting in depth?

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Because accouning application is very broad and provides lots of job apportunities.

accounting is used in

- Non profit organization

- Profitable organization

- Private organization

- Public organization

accounting provides excellency and furnishes the management of the organization with sound decision making tools.

Sayed Azim Shah Finacial Advisor

2007-09-28 15:23:39
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Q: Why study accounting in depth?
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Is accounting considered a professional course of study?

Accounting is considered a professional course of study. There are several different levels of degrees that can be obtained in the field of accounting. Including Associates of Science Accounting and Bachelors of Science Accounting.

What has the author David H Marshall written?

David H. Marshall has written: 'Accounting and Finance for Insurance Professionals' 'Accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting, Managerial accounting 'Study Outline/Ready Notes/Solutions to Odd Number Problems for use with Accounting' 'Selected chapters from accounting' 'Study Guide and Workpapers for Use With a Survey of Accounting' 'Study Guide and Working Papers for use with Accounting'

Where can you study accounting in South Africa?

You can study accounting at any university in South Africa that's recognised by the SAICA.

What has the author Walter B Meigs written?

Walter B. Meigs has written: 'Study guide' 'Intermediate accounting' 'Palisades Corporation' 'Examination questions for use with Intermediate accounting' 'Study guide for use with Intermediate accounting' 'Accounting, the basis for business decisions' 'Accounting work sheets for use with Financial accounting' 'Solutions manual for use with Financial accounting' 'Solutions manual for use with Financial accounting' 'Accounting: the basic for business decisions' -- subject(s): Accounting 'Study guide for use with Financial accounting' 'Study Guide for Use With Accounting' 'Principles of auditing' -- subject(s): Auditing 'Intermediate accounting [by] Walter B. Meigs [and others]' -- subject(s): Accounting 'Achievement tests and comprehensive examinations for intermediate accounting' 'Study guide for use with Modern advanced accounting'

An examination of multi disciplinary case study in accounting dept?

An examination of multi disciplinary case study in accounting department

Should everyone study accounting?

Yes, everyone should study accounting because understanding accounting will help them with their finances. Knowing where your money is will give you control over your life.

Why study accounting information system?

There are a number of reasons why your need to study accounting information system. This will help you move with technology and be able to apply your accounting skills in a digital world.

What is an overview of accounting?

Accounting is the study of finical transactions. Accounting basic equation is Assets= Liabilities + Owner's Equity.

Why would people study in accounting?

People study accounting for a variety of reasons. They might do it to learn how to manage their personal finances, or they may go into accounting because they like working with numbers.

What is the role of accounting equation in the study of accounting equation?

you did the mathh wrong and must re-do it

What is nature meaning and elements of accounting theory?

Accounting Theory is defined as the study of methodologies and financial accounting principles. The Accounting Theory is continuously-evolving and changing.

What has the author James J Benjamin written?

James J. Benjamin has written: 'Principles of Accounting/Study Guide' 'Practice problem I for use with intermediate accounting' -- subject(s): Bookkeeping, Problems, exercises, Small business 'Accounting flows and disclosures' -- subject(s): Accounting, Cash flow, Disclosure in accounting 'Financial accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting 'Study guide for Financial accounting'

The study of microeconomics involves which of these?

Study one economic concept in depth

How do you get answers for an assignment for accounting?

Study your textbook.

Why study accounting information systems?


Can you study accounting with maths literacy?

Yes I do

Why is the study of accounting important?

it is important because accounting allow us to monitor the profit of the business

What is the important of public sector accounting?

Explain why it's important to study public sector accounting.

What is the accounting simplified?

Accounting Simplified is a website that aims to provide quality Financial Accounting study resources to students, professionals and others interested in learning the basics of accounting.

How does accounting information helps research scholars?

They need accounting information to make a study and assess how accounting information affect business organisation.

What to study to join the FBI?

Criminology, Law and Accounting

Why you need study accounting?

to do the work fast and accurate

Do you have to study accounting to prepare taxes?

No, You don't need to study accounting to prepare taxes. It will help if you seek this as a sort of job. The education is only needed for other practices.

What is accounting theory and why is it important for accounting student to accounting theory?

Accounting theory is the collection of methodologies used in the study and application of the different financial principles. It is important for an accounting student to know it because it is the basis for all future accounting studies.

What is the importance of mathematics in accounting?

As accounting is all number based, mathematics know how is relevant in the study of accounting. Basic mathematical principles like algebra and arithmetic are an important part of accounting.