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First, if students are only taught to memorize, the teacher does not know if everyone understood the material, or if they are just repeating it back. The goal of an effective teacher is to make sure that students can apply what they are taught. So while teachers and professors certainly do want students to know names and dates and formulas, it is equally important to be able to think critically and logically about the concepts in the lesson.

For example, in studying a poem, students should not only be able to recite it; they should be able to analyze it, discuss what the poet was trying to say, and express their opinions and reactions to the poem intelligently. The better the lesson is explained, the more likely the students will be able to use what they were taught, and the more able they will be to make sense of the subject matter.

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Umm sometimes its the only way to learn something.

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Q: Why teacher's explanation in the class is important?
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