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Why team games are better?

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Now, saying team games like Baseball, football or hockey are better than individual games is complete opinion, because many people around the world watch sports like tennis, Golf, skiing, bob sledding, skeleton, and much more. But, people might like team games more because of the following: 1: They don't have to root for just one person. 2: Team games involve skills like passing, which could help a win. 3: The most watched/played sports in the world are probably team games.

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Which is Better Louisville BasketBall Team or Kentucky Basketball Team?

Kentucky is better because they have won more games then Louisville.

How do you prove our team as a best team in front of other teams?

Some would say that the wording "The best team" would be Objective and thus you would need to objectively prove that to the person or group desired by display of strength, or using a deductive argument with premises biased on previous performances by your team state the conclusion = "our team as a best team in front of other teams?" = You may want to consider rewording that by the way.... Ex: "Our team is better then your team because ...." Examples of premises to use might be "Any team that won all their games is the best, Our team has won all its games, Your has not, Therefor our team is better then your team." or maybe "Any team that has won more games then another team is the better team. We have won more games then your team. So our team is better team. If our team is better then all the other teams then our team is the best." Or I suppose you could just win by like 100 points, or get shut out(or you sports equivalent) , or whatever. .. I suggest you hire cheerleaders and get some fireworks if you want to go for the latter, that will really let them know who is "best" lol;)

Which is better the Stanley Cup Final in 4 or 7 games?

It depends on if you're asking which is better for the fans, or better for the team that wins. A Stanley cup final that goes seven games will be much more exciting for the fans because the final game 7 is the biggest do or die situation of most of the players lives. It also might be better for the team that wins that final game because if they win in 7 games it means they had to fight hard for the championship and therefore might have a greater sense of accomplishment. However, if a team wins the final in four games, it means that they are far superior to the other team and that could be considered as better.

Who is a better team Orlando or the Boston?

Boston is good but Orlando destroyed them 4-2 games

Who is better yankees or Red Sox?

Statistically speaking, the Red Sox is a better team than The Yankees. This is because they have won 14 more games than the Yankees. However, people will having varying opinions when it comes to who is a better team.

Better known as Death Valley which SEC team plays its home games at Tiger Stadium?


How could Vancouver whitecaps get a better team?

get a better team thats how :)

How many games did the vikings win?

Not enough to make it to the playoffs but they had a better team than the Colts for once in history.

What soccer team is better than Brazil's 1970 team?

There was no team better than Brazil at that time.

Who is better team Hearts or Hibs?

hibs are the better team with 3rd in spl

Which is better console games or PC games?

console games have better games and more choice

A baseball team has played 7 games so far this season the team won 2 games what fraction of its games has the team lost simplify?

7 games total minus the 2 games that the team has won equals 5 games. Since the team has played 7 and won 2, that means they have lost 5 games. Therefore, the fraction of the games the team has lost is 5/7 because 5 is the games lost and 7 is the total number of games played.

Which team is better real Madrid or tottenham?

Real Madrid are a better team then Spurs.

Which team is better Australian nrl or nzl rugby union team?

The New Zealand Rugby Union team is better than the Australian team.

What game is better Pokemon red rescue team or blue rescue team?

blue rescue team is way better

If the Tigers won fifth teen of their forty-five games and the Bear cats won twelve of their thirty games which team had the better record?

The Bearcats have a better record. The Tigers have an average of .333 while the Bearcats have an average of .400

This year the boys' baseball team won 4 times as many games as it lost The team played a total of 40 games How many games did the team win?

witch team

A Baseball team played 50 games during the regular season.If the team won 7 out of 10 games how many games did the team win?


Games per NHL team?

82 games in the regular season for each team

Is the norco Team DH or the Giant Glory DH better?

The Norco team DH is better

Is Mexico a better team then south Africa?

Yes Mexico is a better team any day.

What team is better Minnesota Wild or Toronto maple leafs?

Toronto is the better team that is what i think

Which nba team is better spurs or rockets?

Spurs have a better team and record so the spurs

Is Chelse a better team or Bayern Munchen?

chelse is the better team over Bayern Munchen

What is a better team Paraguay or Spain in FIFA 2010?

Spain because it has a way better team and way better players, too. Paraguay is a not the best team with no good experience.