Why termites are harmful?

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Because they can cause DENGUE.

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Q: Why termites are harmful?
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How can termites be harmful?

Termites are harmful because if your house is made out of wood, the termites can eat your house down

Are swarming termites harmful?


How is termites harmful to man?

They are because they are annoying.

What is the harmful effect of termites?

Destroys wood

Are termites harmful to human health?

I'm not sure what can happen when you get termites in a home. we are from the north and Florida is our first experience with them

Are termites dangerous to humans in any way?

No. They do not bite and they carry no diseases harmful to humans.

How are termites harmful?

Termites are harmful because they consume wood with the help of bacteria or fungus in their digestive tracts. If you live in a wood-frame house like many of us, termites can eventually destroy enough of your home's wood to make it structurally unsound. So, in other words, termites are harmful because they eat the roof over your head and the floors under your feet and the wood window frames that keep out the wind and the bad people who want to take your stuff and hurt your family.

Why termites harmful to man?

They are very damaging to structures, it is not man, mostly things built by man.

Are animal like protists beneficial or harmful?

Protists can be both beneficial and harmful. Some protists such as Plasmodium, malaria causing protist, can be harmful because they cause diseases. Other protists such as Trichonymphs, breaks down wood that is digested by termites, can be beneficial.

Can pine straw cause termites?

No. Only termites can cause termites.

What is a termites home called?

It is called a termites nest.

What is collective noun for termites?

The collective nouns are a colony of termites or an infestation of termites.

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