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Why the anemometer is important?

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The reason the anemometer is so important is because you use it to measure the velocity of the wind and to measure pressure of the wind ----

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Why is a anemometer called a anemometer?

An anemometer is called an "anemometer" because in greek "anemos" ment wind

Anemometer tool important?

Anemometer's are used to measure wind speed.

When did Torricelli invent the anemometer?

Torricelli did not invent the anemometer.

What does an anemometer detect?

An anemometer detects wind speed.

What unit does an anemometer measure in?

An anemometer measures in miles per hour. The anemometer is used to determine the speed of the wind. An example of an anemometer is a device that has little cups that rotate in the wind.

Why is an anemometer inportent in weather a forecast?

it is important because it is used to measuer the speed of the wind so that we can

What is an anemometer use for?

An anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

What is the use of anemometer?

An anemometer is used for weather forecasting by meteorologists.

How do you use anemometer?

Anemometer is used by knots or by beaufort scale

What is an anemometer measured with?

An anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

Where was the first anemometer made?

The first anemometer was made in Italy.

What does not belong precipitation humidity anemometer temperature?

Anemometer does not belong

What does a anemometer do?

an anemometer tells the forecaster what speed the wind is going

When was the first anemometer used?

The first anemometer was used in 1846.

What is the function of a anemometer?

an anemometer is used to measure varity in blood pressure

What is the purpose of a anemometer?

the purpose of a Anemometer is it is used to measure the speed of the wind

Is an anemometer used to measure air pressure?

An anemometer is used to measure

What is the Hebrew word for anemometer?

anemometer = mahd-ru'akh (מד־רוח)

What does the anemometer do in predicting the weather?

The Anemometer measures the current wind speed.

What is an anemometer?

An anemometer is a device used for measuring and recording the speed of wind.

What is a sentence using the word anemometer?

This is my favorite anemometer; it's not for sale.

What Marvin Rosaroso learn and do with the result of discovered an anemometer?

Marvin Rosaroso discovered the anemometer. The anemometer is a device that can measure the speed of the wind in kilometers or miles. Marvin Rosaroso made the anemometer discovery in 1842.

What would you use to measure wind?

An 'anemometer' measures speed of windAn 'anemometer' measures speed of wind

What is the history of the anemometer?

The very first anemometer was invented by Leonardo de Vinci and it was a deflection anemometer. The second was invented by Dr.Thomas Romney Robinson it was a 4 cup anemometer. A three cup anemometer wasinvented in 1926 by Jhon Patterson and later improved by Derek Weston in 1991.The pressure anemometer was invented in 1996 on August 5th by William Henry Dines.

What is a sentence that uses the word anemometer?

We measured the wind speed using an anemometer.