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Q: Why the balloon fall slow compare to ball?
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Will a heavier football go further?

No the weight of the ball will slow it down then gravity will take hold and it will fall to the ground

How do gravity and friction work together to cause a ball moving throgh the air to fall toward earth?

Gravity is the only thing that makes the ball fall toward Earth. All friction does is slow the rate of the fall slightly, and make it take longer.

How do you slow down a ball?

If u want to slow down a ball then put your foot on the ball

What causes a balloon to fall to the ground?

It's very simple to see the answer. Balloons have a certain type of air pressure and because it is greater than the air around it, it climbs. However, when the air pressure in a balloon is less than the air pressure outside the balloon, the the balloon will start to descend.

What will happen to a gas balloon if you put it on the moon?

1) it will get as big as it can get. (no external pressure) 2) it will fall like a rock. (no air to buoy it up, no air resistance to slow it down)

What happens to a hot air balloon when the burner is turned off?

the particles begin to slow down and relax releasing the lift of the balloon at a slow rate which is why its safe to ride.

A hot air balloon go at average speed?


If the temperature of a balloon was to decrease what else would change?

The particles in the balloon slow down as the temperature decreases cause it to deflate

What does the meaning of slow ball?

if the bowler release the ball at hand from slowly means its called slow bowl...

Why does a ball rolling on the ground slow down?

Friction from the air and ground will slow down the ball's motion.

How does friction affect the balloon powered car?

Friction will slow it down

Suppose you blow up a balloon and then place in the freezer?

The gas molecules slow down and the water vapor condenses causing the balloon to shrink.