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Because they are the fathers.

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Q: Why the fathers of confederation called fathers of confederation?
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Why is the term 'Fathers of Confederation' confusing?

It is confusing because there were two different "Fathers of Confederation". The first fathers were the fathers who attended the three meetings. The second fathers were the fathers who entered confederation later.

Where did the Fathers of Confederation first meet to plan the new country called Canada?

the answer is

Fathers of confederation?

Fathers of Confederation are a group of people who attended the Charlotte and Quebec Conference in the year 1864 in London. Originally, there were 36 original Fathers of Confederation.

What did the fathers of confederation think about confederation?

bad very bad :(

What did the fathers of confederation do?

There are a number of things that the fathers of confederation did. They brought provinces together and worked out various democratic ways of governing these territories in various conferences.

What did the founding fathers do when the articles of confederation failed?

They wrote the Constitution, to replace the Articles of Confederation.

What are the importances of the fathers of confederation in New Brunswick?


Where did the Fathers of Confederation meet to plan Canada?


What group wrote the Articles of Confederation?

The Founding Fathers

Who were the most important people in th Canadian confederation?

Sir John Alexander MacDonald,one of the "Fathers of Confederation".

Did the natives land in Canada before the fathers of confederation?

yes they did, they were the first people here, in canada, but soon enough the fathers of confederation came, and some native tribes started to become extinct

Who are the three fathers of confederation?

Robin Williams, Christian Bale and Obama