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Q: Why the petroleum products volumes are converted to 15 degree centigrade and not any other temperature?
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Petroleum products are obtained from?

Crude oil is processed to obtain petroleum products.

Is the enzyme activity same at 5 and 25 Centigrade temperature in water?

The specific activity of an enzyme at a specific temperature will be dependent on both the temperature the enzyme is operating at as well as the concentrations of the substrates (the starting materials of the reaction that the enzyme catalyzes) and products (the end materials of the reaction) present around the enzyme. However, as a general rule, the activity of an enzyme will be different at at 5 centigrade than it will be at 25 centigrade.

Why are silicon are better lubricants than petroleum products?

because they have better thermal stability then petroleum as silicon viscosity dont change due to temperature change while petroleum viscosity changes with any change in its tempareture

How long does it take for petroleum to be created?

Petroleum is a mixture of plant and animal remains compressed together and heated under the Earth's crust. Petroleum occurs naturally as a liquid after millions of years of this process. Petroleum is harvested by drilling into underground wells and then is filtered to become crude oil, which can be converted, once again, into various fuel or household products. These products range from gasoline to asphalt and even include the medicinal compounds created with petroleum jelly.

What petroleum products does Shell offer?

Shell offers petroleum products like engine oil, lubricants and chemicals. They are the leading providers of petroleum products. They provide their products in various countries and are very reputed.

What are types of petroleum products?

LPG Liquid petroleum gas

In what goods does the petroleum and coal products industry specialize?

Products in this industry include calcined petroleum coke, regular petroleum coke, fireplace logs, fuel briquettes, or petroleum waxes, independently of petroleum refineries.

What goods do India imports from Malaysia?

Crude Petroleum, Palm Oil, Electronic & Electrical products, Chemicals & Chemical products and Petroleum products.

What are Venezuela's exports?

Venezuela exports are petroleum, petroleum products, and aluminum.

Are there any petroleum products in paint or ink?

yes there is petroleum in both

How do you get petroleum products?

you get petroleum from compressed coal or fossils found inside of the earth

How you get petroleum products?

you get petroleum from compressed coal or fossils found inside of the earth