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Bermuda Triangle

Why the ships and planes are missing in Bermuda side?


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There are a lot of different theories: 1.) It is possible that methane gas is released in large quantities beneath the Bermuda Triangle, and this could easily cause engine trouble in Airplanes by igniting the engines. This could break the boats in half if the methane is released in enormous amounts. 2.) It could be that it is a portal to another dimension. There is merit to this possible theory because there is also another area like the Bermuda Triangle EXACTLY half way around the world. It is called the Devil's Triangle, and the same type of stuff happens in it. 3.) This could be a possible place where aliens monitor us, so if we enter the Bermuda Triangle, they abduct us. 4.) My personal favorite is this one: This could be a time portal. When a ship or plane enters here, it could be transported to another day or age. This has merit due to accounts of people going missing and then later showing up, sometimes days, sometimes weeks, or even more.