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There are a lot of different theories: 1.) It is possible that methane gas is released in large quantities beneath the Bermuda Triangle, and this could easily cause engine trouble in Airplanes by igniting the engines. This could break the boats in half if the methane is released in enormous amounts. 2.) It could be that it is a portal to another dimension. There is merit to this possible theory because there is also another area like the Bermuda Triangle EXACTLY half way around the world. It is called the Devil's Triangle, and the same type of stuff happens in it. 3.) This could be a possible place where aliens monitor us, so if we enter the Bermuda Triangle, they abduct us. 4.) My personal favorite is this one: This could be a time portal. When a ship or plane enters here, it could be transported to another day or age. This has merit due to accounts of people going missing and then later showing up, sometimes days, sometimes weeks, or even more.

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How did the Bermuda triangle affect Amelia Earhart's last flight?

Amelia went missing in the Pacific Ocean, this is on the other side of the Earth from the Bermuda Triangle! No connection between Electra Project and B.T.

What is the length of each side of the Bermuda triangle?

the length and side of Bermuda triangle = ?

What side of the road do they drive on in Bermuda?

Bermuda requires drivers to drive on the LEFT side of the road, just like UK, Japan, India, and Australia.

Did Amelia Earhart's plane crash in the Bermuda triangle?

she disappeared in the dragon's triangle (other side of the Bermuda triangle)

What are the side lengths of the Bermuda triangle?

10 feet

Why have so many planes and ships vanshied without a trace from the Bermuda Triangle?

For details, see Kusche's book "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery- Solved" Basically, it is among the most traveled areas on Earth. More boats, more planes, equals more losses. A typical "Bermuda Triangle" yarn always claims perfect weather... "it ain't necessarily so"! Often vessels in poor shape go through gales or near gales, and get sunk just like anywhere else. Flight 19 was caused by a gung-ho lead pilot who let himself get confused about which side of Florida he was on, so he kept going East while his students tried to correct him. They were trained to stay with the lead pilot, so died with him.

How do you find the perimeter with one side missing?

14cm and 11cm what is the missing side using pythagorean theorem

Did Amelia Earhart crash somewhere near the Bermuda triangle?

No, Amelia Earhart did not crash near the Bermuda triangle. (As a side note, there is no uniform definition of the Bermuda Triangle. It's a mythical place.)

Where did the planes hit the twin towers?

at the side

What is exactly on the other side of the Bermuda triangle?

hiriwadunna Sri lanka

What are the transportation in Fiji?

Cars Trucks Buses Vans Planes Boats Ships Trains (only for the sugracane plant) Fiji drives on the right hand side and road signs are usually in British styles.

How can you find a missing side or angle of a right triangle?

180 minus two known angle = missing angle. Use Pythagoras' theorem to find its missing side.

What is the meaning of a ships port side?

the left side of a ship

What is the missing length of a right triangle if b equals 35 and c equals 37?

Because there is no information on which side is the hypotenuse, there is not a unique answer. The hypotenuse can either be the missing side or c. If the hypotenuse is the missing side, then it has a length of sqrt(2594) = 50.93133 units. If c is the hypotenuse the missing side is 12 units long.

How many wives did matshwa Bermuda has?

He had 2 wives and a couple of side-dishes

Did Amelia Earhart die in the Bermuda Triangle?

Amelia Earhart disappeared during a flight over the PACIFIC OCEAN, That is the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle.

Why is a ships steering wheel on the starboard side?

because that is the right side

In World War 2 did Australia side with axis or allies?

Australia fought on the side of the Allies. Thanks to her British colonial history, she retained close links with Britain and placed men, ships, and planes at Britain's disposal. Australians served bravely in all theaters of war.

How do you find a missing side of a triangle?

The way to find the missing side of a triangle-THIS ONLY WORKS ON RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLES-is square both sides seperately and then add them together to give you the square of the missing side-find the square root and that is the size of the missing side-eg. if you have a RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLE with sides of 3inch and 4inch then (3x3) + (4x4) = 25 so the square root of 25 is 5 meaning the missing side is 5inch.

What is the missing side of a equals 4 and b equals 9 in a right triangle?

There are two possibilities: either 9 is the lnegth of the hypotenuse, or the missing length is. If 9 is the longest side, this leaves √65 ≈ 8 asthe remaining side. If the missing side is the hypotenuse, then it is √97 ≈ 10.

How do you find the area with a missing measurement?

To find the missing measurement of a shape you have to look at the opposite side and see what it adds up to. Then you make that side and the other missing side add up to the opposite side

Did Amelia Earhart die because of the Bermuda triangle?

Amelia Earhart disappeared during a flight over the PACIFIC OCEAN, That is the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle.

Did amielia Earhart die because of the Bermuda triangle?

Amelia Earhart disappeared during a flight over the PACIFIC OCEAN, That is the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle.

Do ships still dock with the left side to the port?

to the starboard side means right side

Do ships have side mirrors?

No but maybe some.