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because they measure different aspects of the same thing, velocity also has direction but speed lacks direction. otherwise they are the same.

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Why is velocity and speed same unit?

Velocity is speed, plus an indication of direction. To indicate a velocity, you can indicate a speed (this will logically use units of speed), and a direction.

What are the units for speed and velocity?

Units of speed: (any unit of length) divided by (any unit of time) Unit of velocity: same as speed, but direction must be included

How do units for speed and velocity compare?

The units are the same (metres per second) except that the velocity also has the direction of motion associated with it.

What is the standard units of velocity?

Velocity is speed and its direction. The units of velocity are any unit of speed and any means of indicating a direction.

How is average velocity different from acceleration?

For a start, acceleration doesn't even have the same units as velocity: acceleration is a velocity divided by time, so while speed or velocity have units of [distance]/[time], acceleration has units of [distance]/[time squared]

Can your speed and velocity ever have the same magnitude?

Speed and velocity always have the same magnitude, becausespeed is the magnitude of velocity.The difference is that velocity has a direction but speed doesn't

What are the SI units for length speed and velocity?

Distance: Meters (or metres) Speed & velocity (meters per second). velocity also needs a direction but that isn't defined by SI units.

What is the product of velocity and speed?

Except for the fact that velocity has a direction, velocity and speed have the same units; so you would have a speed squared (plus a direction). As far as I know, this has no physical significance - meaning that you won't normally carry out this multiplication.

How is speed and velocity the same?

No, they are not the same! Velocity involves the speed and the direction of the moving object...

What kind of speed does a moving object have when the velocity stays the same?

same speed , coz velocity is constant velocity consists of speed and direction...

Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?

velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

What is the scientific definiton of speed?

Speed is the magnitude of velocity, with units of distance divided by time. An important distinction is that speed is a scalar and velocity is a vector. Consequently, speed (unlike velocity) does not have a direction.

What is one example of velocity?

One example of Velocity is that if you are running in the same direction, your speed and velocity is the same. But if you are running AROUND the track, your speed is the same but your velocity is changing.

How is velocity same from instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is the magnitude of the velocity. Velocity also states the [direction] of the speed.

Do two skaters traveling in different directions at the same speed have the same velocity?

No. Velocity is the combination of a speed and its direction. In order fortwo objects to have the same velocity, they must be moving at the samespeed, and in the same direction.

What is the difference between an object's speed and a object's velocity?

The difference between an object's speed and an object's velocity is that the object's speed is how fast it is going, and the object's velocity is how many units of speed the object has traveled.

What is the speed velocity of a body?

In common speech, velocity means speed, they are the same thing.

Are speed and acceleration the same?

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity and acceleration is the change of velocity in time.

Is speed the same quantity in velocity?

No. Speed tells the size of velocity, but velocityalso includes the direction of the motion.

What are the units for velocity in free fall?

The units for velocity in free fall are the same as the units for velocity in other situations. The metric (SI) unit for velocity is meters / second, but you can also use other units, such as kilometers / hour, knots, etc.

How is speed of a body related its velocity?

Part of every velocity is a speed. Speed is the size of the velocity.But the velocity also has a direction, which the speed doesn't.'30 mph North' and '30 mph West' are the same speed but different velocity.

Is velocity for waves different than speed?

Speed and velocity are never the same thing.Velocity means 'speed' AND the direction it's going.

What is the numerical ratio of velocity to speed an object?

The size of velocity and the size of speed are the same number. But velocity also has a direction and speed doesn't.

Can velocity speed up an object?

Well velocity is basically the same thing as speed but with direction (velocity can be negative or positive and speed is always positive). l velocity l = speed So a change in velocity means a change in speed.

Units of measure for velocity?

Velocity is measured as a unit of distance over time as in miles/hour (miles per hour). feet/second, kilometers/hour. It is the same as a measurement of speed except that there is also a direction component as in north or southwest. If you change the direction travel but maintain the same speed, it is still a change in velocity even though it is not a change in speed..

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