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The story of the three wise men (the Magi) is found in the New Testament and nowhere else; thus, there is no evidence it is based on historical fact. But it is a story that is much-loved by Christians, and the writers of the New Testament included it because it was intended to make a very important point: they wanted to demonstrate that the birth of Jesus was a miracle, an event that was unique in human history, and it made such a great impact that even pagans from a distant country knew how important it was. In the story, the Magi followed a star to seek out, and worship, the baby Jesus.

The New Testament writers wanted to stress what they believed were the most noteworthy aspects of the birth of Jesus: for example, that he was born of a virgin, or that the Prince of Peace was born in the most humble circumstances; and above all, that despite his humble birth, people from other countries and other faiths were led to where Jesus was, and they acknowledged him as the messiah. It should be noted that Jews do not accept the New Testament as Sacred Scripture, and by the time the New Testament was being written, Christianity had broken away from Judaism. Thus, many of the New Testament stories are about how people from other religions accepted Jesus as the messiah, even if the Jews did not.

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Q: Why the wisemen were people of different race other than the Jews?
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