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On a mobile phone, you enter the full number and press "send"; there is no need for a dial tone, because the network receives the entire number as a single chunk, rather than digit by digit as with a landline.

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Q: Why there is no dial tone in mobile phones?
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How do you remove international dialing tone from mobiles?

Mobile phones generally do not have a dial tone.

If someone is on holiday in Spain would the dialling tone stay the same as the one in the UK?

The dial tone in Spain is not the same as the dial tone in the UK. However, mobile phones generally do not have a dial tone at all.

Do you always have a dial tone when phoning abroad?

In general, you will always have a dial tone when you are calling from a landline phone, but never from a mobile phone.

Which of these is not present in a mobile phone?

Dial Tone

Why there is no dial tone in mobile?

you my face that problem because of network or have access to internet.

What is so special about Pantech phones?

Pantech phones are very unique phones that are sold by mobile providers AT&T and Verizon. Pantech phones allow the user to dial numbers with one touch, and is an easy to use smartphone for new mobile users.

How do you delete a dial tone from a mobile?

Is there a way to recover deleted dialed number from my mobile ...

How do you call mobile phone in the UK from abroad?

Most mobile phones in Britain start with a 07. It is normal for international dialling to drop the leading zero. The dialling code for Britain is 44. For most countries to dial internationally you dial 00. So to dial a British mobile phone you would dial 00 44 7 and the rest of the number.

Do Boost mobile phones butt dial numbers?

That's a funny question. Yes . There are a lot of phones out there that will do just that, if you sit on them just right or if you bump into something.

What do you dial to temporarily drop dial tone from a POTS line?

Dialing any digit will temporarily drop dial tone.

How do you dial to this mobile phone when it is overseas?

To dial a mobile phone when it is overseas, dial exactly the same number you would if that mobile phone were at home.

What is the worst thing about mobile phones?

The worst thing about mobile phones is the users. Some users get addicted to their phones and feel that they always need to be in contact with someone. When they dial or text while driving this becomes life threatening to both themselves and to those that they crash into while driving distracted.

What is the dial-tone server scenario?

it's when you pick-up the handset of the server, you will get dial tone server

How to switch from pulse to tone dialing?

On a modem, or any other device that uses the "AT" command set, you can put the letter P for Pulse or T for Tone in the dial string. For example, ATDP9,1800T555P0123 would pulse-dial 9 (pause) 1 8 0 0, then tone dial 555, and then pulse dial 0123. On many landline push-button phones, there is a switch that allows you to select Tone or Pulse dialing. If you have the switch set to Pulse and hit the star key, the phone will switch over to Tone dialing for the rest of that call.

How do you dial a UK mobile phone when phone is in US?

Just dial the UK mobile number, exactly the same way you do when the mobile is in the UK. The physical location of the mobile does not change the way you dial the number.

How do you call a mobile in Waterford Ireland from a UK landline?

All Irish mobile phones start with 083, 085, 086 or 087. To phone one, dial 00 353 and the mobile number without its first zero. So if you were dialling an 086 number you would dial 00353 86 and then the rest of the number.

If a person calls long distance but the call is not answered are you still charged for the call made?

In most countries, you are not charged for a call unless it is answered. However, mobile phones in many countries may begin charging even before a call is answered, if you let it ring more than the allowed number of rings. In Denmark, landline phones charge you beginning from the moment you get dial tone, even if you don't dial any number at all.

What dialling code is used in England to dial an English mobile number in France?

To dial a UK mobile, just dial the UK mobile number. It does not matter if the mobile is physically located in the UK or another country.

What do other countries call mobile phones?

Mobile phones, mobiles, cellular phones, cellphones

Are boost mobile phones as good as ATT mobile phones?

Boost mobile phones and AT&T mobile phones are very similar. In fact, some of the phones are identical. While Boost definitely is cheaper for service, I can't say that their phones are any better.

What phones are compatible with simple mobile?

Simple Mobile has a variety of phones on their website that are compatible with their service. Phones that are compatible with T-Mobile can also be used with Simple Mobile.

How do you ring Australian mobile phones from American mobile phones?

you need to buy an international calling card, which will allow you however many minutes are on the card. it will have a series of number to punch in before telling you to dial the number you want to reach probably adding +1 to the beginning.

How mobile phones effect your lives?

Mobile Phones do not affect our lives.

How much money were mobile phones in 1945?

There were no mobile phones in 1945.

Can you transfer a t-mobile phones to a boost mobile phones?