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Thebecause they may have not ever minted any of the 2009 Proof 70 DCAM Silver Eagles because the government would not allow them to. Like the 1975 Kennedy half dollars that were never minted. They ruin everyones collection. It is like one coin is missing. I would still like to know why these two were never minted.

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Q: Why they never minted any 2009 Proof 70 DCAM Silver Eagles?
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What is the value of a US silver 2 dollar coin?

The US never minted a $2 coin. But they did mint quarter eagles ($2.5)

Value of 1849 double eagle silver proof set?

The value is in the silver in the coin or coins of this set. The US mint never made a 1849 silver proof double eagle.Only gold double eagles. And only 1 1849 double eagle and it's in the Smithsonian collection.

What is the value of an 1816 British silver Farthing?

British Farthings were never minted in silver, and no Farthings were minted from 1808 to 1820 inclusive.

Did the Denver mint make any gold 10 dollar proof coins in 1906?

Proof Indian Head eagles were only minted at Philadelphia that year. Mintage was extremely low - only 77 were produced. The Denver mint has never produced proof coins for general sales to collectors.

Was the Indian Head Penny ever minted in Silver?


What was the date that pure silver coins were minted in UK?

"Pure" silver coins were never minted in Britain. The closest to pure silver used in coins is sterling silver which is 92.5% silver usually alloyed with copper. Sterling silver coins were last issued for general circulation in 1919 and 1920, beyond 1919/1920 the coins were debased to 50% silver. The Royal Mint still produces Proof and bullion coins (not for general circulation) which are made from sterling silver, but this is reflected in the price you pay for them.

What is the value of a 1911 Australian silver Penny?

No general circulation Australian Penny was ever minted in silver. If you have an Australian 1911 silver Penny, it is because somebody plated it, and it is subsequently worthless as a collectible coin. There were a few silver Pennies minted in later years, but they were minted as a trial and never released.

What is the last date that pure silver coins were minted in the US?

First, U.S. coins were never pure silver. The silver American Eagles come the closest at 99.9% pure. As for the circulating coins, they were 90% silver and were last dated 1964 even though mintage of the 1964 dates continued part way into 1965 to counteract hoarding.

What coin minted never circulated with silver content that banks still hold?

No silver US coins are still being held by banks. It would make no economic sense to do that.Many silver US coins have been minted but not for circulation. Among these are;Silver "eagle" coins minted since 1986. These are really bullion pieces and are intended for collectors and investors but not for spending"Prestige" proof dimes, quarters, and halves included in special proof sets minted since 1992. Prestige coins are struck in the original 90% alloy used till 1964 for circulating coins. Again, these are sold only to collectors1964-D Peace dollars. A trial run was made but the price of silver shot up and the coins were worth more than $1 each so they were melted instead.

Did in 1963 silver penny exist?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. It would have more than a dime's worth of silver in it. Your coin has been plated.

Was a 1973 silver us penny ever issued?

A 1973 silver penny was never minted or issued. There are some aroung, but they have been silver or nickel plated after they were put into circulation.

How much is a silver penny made in 1962 worth?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. It would have more than a dime's worth of silver in it. Your coin has been plated.