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This question is very broad subject and in few lines, we should not answer... For the answer, you must have through idea/knowledge about the Organization like, Budget, IT, Technical Competencies, Capacity Planning, IT infrastructure... If any of the above mentioned area is lacking with funds then you may compromizing with the quality, security or the productivity... In the market, you may find so many products which are promising to handle your organizations Data Management but the best RDBMS is Oracle... Hope it helps... Cheers !!
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How do you use the word oracle in a sentence?

The advice from the oracle was mystifying. I am looking for the oracle.

What are modules of oracle?

Oracle sells many functional modules which use the Oracle RDBMS as a back-end, notably Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS, Oracle SCM, Oracle Projects, Oracle CRM, Oracle Procurement.

How many companies use ORACLE?

Over 100 companys use ORACLE.

Use the word oracle bone in a sentence?

The oracle bone was priceless.

What is an oracle?

"an oracle"An oracle is a person, such as priestess, through whom a deity is held to respond when consulted. An oracle is a being of great wisdom and insight. One from whom one would seek advice. A special priest guided by the Gods. "Oracle" Oracle Application Express, or Oracle Apex is an application one can use on the Oracle platform. It enables users to build web databases for use. There is no cost associated with the Oracle Apex.

What is the advantage of an oracle?

The advantage of an oracle is its ability to use the centralized management system.

Use the word oracle in a sentence?

The wise oracle predicted that I would win the Olympics.

Did the Romans use an oracle?

Yes they did!

Where can I find more information on Oracle Financial Services?

Oracle is a multinational company that produces a variety of software for a multitude of applications. Oracle financial servies can be investigated through the use of their website, oracle.

What server can use PHP and Oracle?

Oracle is a database server and is independent from the web server. This means that any server capable of running natively or through CGI/FastCGI php can also use Oracle.

Why people generally use oracle as backend of java projects?

Java was first made by Sun Microsystems. Now, Sun is part of Oracle. People use Oracle as a source for authentic Java products.

Why did Google change their database from Oracle to MySQL?

Google don't use Oracle or MySQL, they use their own database software known as Bigtable.

How to import Data from .txt file to oracle 10g table?

Use SQLLoader utility of Oracle

What default index type does Oracle use?

B*Tree Indexes are default indexing feature in Oracle.

How do you undo a GRANT in Oracle?

Use the Oracle revoke command Example: revoke execute on procedure from user;

What technology does eBay website use?


How did the kings use oracle bones?

In ancient civilizations, kings/emperors/whoever had oracles use "oracle bones", bones from animals, and split/crack them. The way the bones cracked determined the message from the spirits the oracle recieved.

Sap or oracle is the best?

SAP and Oracle both place an important role. That depend on your interest. SAP is use to optimize business in terms of returns. and oracle is database.

What is an example of sentence using 'oracle'?

Definition is- prophecy, divination Say you use the sentence the priest read out the oracles Or the oracle of Delphi was considered the most beautiful.

How do you use Oracle instant client to run Oracle 9i?

Click on run orcale 9i, or an alternative unistall oracle then try becuase that would be the safe way :)

How to connect c program with oracle?

You can use Oracle Call Interface or nested SQL with Pro*C precompiler. Of course you have to use the documentation (available on-line).

How do you use delphi oracle in a sentence?

the slim shadey oracle ran over to the dull poopey delphi and screamed and pooped on him!

Use oracle in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The oracle predicted that he needed to sail on the fifth of next month.The king consulted an oracle before he decided to go to war.The Oracle in the movie "The Matrix" could really tell the future.

What did the Greek use to tell future?

They asked an oracle.

How do you use Oracle Forms?

Q/How_do_you_connect_C_as_the_frontend_with_Oracle_as the backend ----