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Why update BIOS?

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2011-10-20 09:11:10

Many times the bios shipped with the motherboard was shipped

"before its time". The vendor provides updates from their website

that fixes some of these problems. The supplier also updates the

bios to support larger hard drives and newer processors and larger

memory chips. You may need a bios update to support larger

memories, new CPU's, or larger hard drives.

To take advantage of these improvements you need to download the

proper bios file and bios flash utility.

If you have a Phoenix, IBM or non AWARD or AMI bios be sure to

backup your bios using UNIFLASH (see our FAQs page). If the flash

fails your board will be dead and makers such as HP, IBM, Dell and

Gateway will not sell you a replacement chip. They will only sell

you an entire motherboard for more than the cost of a new computer!

With a backup file we can help you recover with just a chip. It is

possible we may also be able to locate an AMI or AWARD bios that

will work in your board, but in most cases they use boards that

have parts missing and do not work with a standard bios from the

motherboard maker.

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