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First, because there is NO way to reduce the minimum amount of energy required to complete a task. You can't get something for nothing. But also because often it is easier to apply force (aka do work) in one direction and not another, like when using a pulley. You direct force down to lift a load up. It is also sometimes easier to apply a little force for a longer distance than apply and large force very quickly, like while pushing something up an inclined plane, wedge, or screw. Other times, it is necessary to exchange force for speed. Baseball players are very strong, but their arms cannot physically move as fast as they need to go to propel the ball, so they apply a lot of force in moving the bat, which moves very fast. The opposite is also true. In a screw driver, speed is not important but force is. Your hand moves the screw driver relatively quickly while the screw driver applies a larger force at a much slower rate.

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Q: Why use a machine if it does not decrease the amount of work?
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If the machine doesn't decrease the amount of work that you do, it might still improve the quality of the final result of your efforts.

Does a machine decrease the amount of work done?

Yes, usually it will decrease it, since no machine is 100% efficient.Just in case you mean "the amount of work REQUIRED", then of course the machine will INCREASE that.

Does a machine let you do less work?

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If a machine allows you to use less force to do some amount of work then you must apply the input force over a greater?


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it is the amount of work that can be done. a machine can use 300,000 J of energy but it only uses 263,000 J. that is percent efficiency.

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