Why use distilled water for methadone stock solution?

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Because it is a pharmacological medication, FDA regulation calls for distilled water just like any other liquid medication a pharmacy would mix behind the counter.
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Why distilled water is used in batteries?

Solution . Distilled water is typically used in batteries (Automotive/Telecommunictions etc.) due to it's lack of mineral content and general purity. Using tap water in wet cells can create problems in the long term as minerals can form on the cell plates and affect the efficiency of the producti ( Full Answer )

Why distilled water use in chemical experiment?

distilled water is used in chemical experiments because you already have a control group (whatever type of water you used) and you need other groups that dont have the same water in them to compare the control group to!.

Explain how the use of distilled water in place of this saline solution would be expected to upset the patient's homeostasis?

The saline solution used in hospital I.V.s is a solution with aboutthe same water concentration as the human body. If distilled waterwere used instead, the imbalance of concentrations of salt betweenthe water and the body would cause cells to react, and the processof osmosis to cause them to bloat u ( Full Answer )

Why use distilled water as a control?

Controls must be of identical composition in order to avoid affecting the outcome of an experiment. Tap water, demineralized water, rain water, lake water, etc., all have different compositions depending on the environmental conditions where they originate. Distilled water is universally the same no ( Full Answer )

Why can't distilled water be used as an IV solution?

Water is hypotonic compared to the serum/blood. Putting a hypotonic solution in there will cause dilution and may draw solutes out from the cells to compensate. This can kill a person. Even a small amount of water must be rendered isotonic prior to IV use.

What is distilled water used for?

Steam irons is common since it has already been boiled to remove mineral deposits. Distilled water is ideal for topping up lead acid car batteries too.

Is distilled water a solution?

Yes, this is one of the many dirty little secrets of chemistry: There isn't any such thing as pure liquid water . Distilled water is a very dilute solution of hydroxide and hydronium ions, because (like many other solvents) water reacts with itself: 2 H 2 O() H 3 O + (aq) + OH - (aq) At room temp ( Full Answer )

Why don't we use distilled water?

we don't use distilled water for drinking because it would be too expensive to distill all of it and in any case there are many useful minerals in the water that benefit the body. Most of the things in normal drinking water benefit us we just have to be careful that we donut have harmful bacteria or ( Full Answer )

What is the use of distilled water?

it can be used as a drink it is not harmful and can be used with baby formulas also it can be used in fish tanks. distilled water is fancy for "purified" water.

Uses of distilled water?

Most common uses of distilled water are,. >On cars batterries.. >On steam irons.. >And mostly in hospitals.. Distilled water is used because its clean and does harms stuff,unlike tap water.. Most common uses of distilled water are,. >On cars batterries.. >On steam irons.. >And mostly in hospitals ( Full Answer )

Where is distilled water used?

Production of pure chemicals and medicines. Any place where the contaminants in water are intolerable.. Deionized water is usually good enough for a radiation shield...

Use of distilled water?

Certain chemical reactions require use of distilled water. Engines in our cars need distilled water. It is good practice to use distilled water for drinking purposes.

Why is distill water used in science labs?

\nPurity. Distilled water is extremely pure and so :\n1) Doesn't contain anything which may interfere with the experiment\n2) Is much better at dissolving things than tap water\n. \nMostly labs use what is called de-ionised water which is produced using a machine containing filters similar to hous ( Full Answer )

How do you use distilled water?

Distilled water can be used in school labs to clean apparatus before switching between chemicals. Like measuring pH balance of different liquids you would use a pH indicator and when switching between the liquid you would clean the equipment with distilled water before dipping it into another soluti ( Full Answer )

Why is distilled water used in the waterbath?

Water bath is used for uniform and steady heat transferring by heating water in it. If distilled water is not used during heating process all the salts present in normal water will settle down on the surface causing scaling and decreasing heat transfer. Distill water is free from salts and compoun ( Full Answer )

Can you use distilled water for a fish tank?

Not a good idea to, water in nature are rarely purely distilled, it contains salts, buffers and nutrients, etc. that the fish rely on. Plus, it would alter the pH, salinity, GH, etc.i If it is in a saltwater tank, it is a must. The optimum water would be reverse osmosis water. Distilled and RO wa ( Full Answer )

Distilled water used in vehicle batteries?

Yes, you should used distilled water in the battery and in the cooling system. Reason being is that distilled water contains no impurities and no metals.

What has more solute an egg or distilled water?

By solute I hope you mean more substance...If that's what you mean then definitely the egg. Distilled water has been filtered to remove as much solute as possible.

What is distilled water and how do you use it?

Distillation is a process of heating some fluid and collecting the vapor, in order to leave impurities behind in the original fluid. Distilled water is a very pure form of water, with nothing added or dissolved in it. Most people don't really need to use distilled water, but for some types of ( Full Answer )

How does the use of distilled water in place of saline solution in the human body upset the bodies homeostasis?

The cells of the body draw nutrients from the blood stream by way of static pressure. The general way this works is that a substance naturally moves through a semi-permeable membrane from an area of higher concentration to and area of lower concentration. Normally, a cell uses sugar by breaking it d ( Full Answer )

What type osmotic solution is distilled water?

Hypotonic solution. Hypo means "deficient". Distilled water has adeficient tone (frequency) and a neutral pH, but being devoid ofdissolved solutes it has no osmotic pressure.

What is the pH of distilled water and common salt solution?

pH value of distilled water would be 5,6 and 7 as interaction withthe atmosphere allows carbon dioxide to dissolve into it, formingcarbonic acid. salt on its own has no ph value but , when mixed in water the phvalue of common salt is 7 and it is neutral.

What is the distillation of water and ink useful for?

Not a lot. But distillation is used to separate the components of a mixture. A scenario where distillation of urine for example is useful is if you are stranded in a desert. You can find a way to distill your urine so that the water in it evaporates and condenses so that you have pure drinkable wate ( Full Answer )

How long is distilled water good for use?

Indefinitely. It simply water that has been heated to boiling point, the steam drawn off, and condensed back into water. Distilling removes things like trace elements (chlorine etc) that are normally present in ordinary tap-water.

Why would distilled water not tap water would be used to prepare solutions?

Tap water can contain impurities such as minerals, and other substances though usually harmless for human consumption in most developed countries. Because of the "extra" substances(contaminates) in tap water the solution you are preparing has the possibility of reacting with the contaminates produci ( Full Answer )

Why is distilled water used during titration?

distilled water is used (as opposed to tap water) as it does not contain ions or impurities that may affect the results of the titration, usually by reacting with the acid/alkali themselves or by changing the pH of the solution.. As water is pH 7, it is neutral and will not change the pH..

Why is Distilled Water Is Used For Medicine?

It is important that distilled water is used in medicines.Otherwise, tap water, rain water, etc, will contain chemicals(chlorine, sulphur, dust, etc,) that may alter a medicine and causethe medicine to be ineffective or dangerous.

Is the solution Distilled Water acidic alkaline or neutral?

Distilled water is theoretically neutral . Distilled water is water that has many of its impurities removed through distillation. . Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. . Hypothetically, distilled water should always be at a neutral pH 7. I ( Full Answer )

Why should you use recently boiled water in preparing ringer's solution instead of distilled water?

Most recipes for the various types of Ringer's solution specify reagent grade water, and the solution is often autoclaved after preparation in order to inhibit bacterial growth. Merely bringing the water to the boil is unlikely to eliminate all bacteria, though prolonged boiling may do so. Boiling w ( Full Answer )