Why visit Cameroon?

Okay, lets see. I will give this one a try.
Here are my main reasons for everyone to visit Cameroon:

<il>It a cheap vacation.</li> As you will see, the most expensive part of the trip will be the flight ticket. Even with the US dollar this low the <a href="http://www.cameroon-today.com/cameroon-money.html" title="Cameroon Money">exchange rates</a> are still very reasonable for a Cameroon vacation. If you know your way around a months vacation in Cameroon could be cheaper than your monthly USA bills.

<il>Great cultural and geographic diversity.</il> Most vacation destinations are great and know for one feature, maybe the beaches or so. Cameroon is very diverse - in all sense of the word. Be it the traditional musics - makossa, bitkutsi, etc to the mixture of western and modern musics; landforms are plentiful; languages aside from the official French and English are over 200, deserts, rainforest, savannah; wildlife is abundant - only 50% of the surface area is inhabited. The list is endless (think of sports, foods, drinks, traditional dress) and all these in a surface area of less than 64 000 Sq. km. with over 250 unique tribes.

<il><a href="http://www.cameroon-today.com/cameroon-touristic-attractions.html" title="Cameroon Tourist attraction">Tourist attractions</a>
You just wouldn't have enough time to see it all.

<il>Great weather</il> You can plan your vacation any time of the year. Yaounde, Buea, Limbe Kribi have very pleasant year <a href="http://www.cameroon-today.com/Location.html" title="Cameroon map ">weather conditions</a>, almost constant at 70 - 75 F

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