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it was named that name because he saved a boy named andy

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Q: Why was Andrew Johnson's nickname Andy hero?
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What was Andrew Johnson nickname?

Congress nicknamed President Johnson "Andy Hero"

What is Andrew Jackson's nickname?

Andrew Jackson had a total of three nicknames in his lifetime. His nicknames were Old Hickory, King Mob, and The Hero of New Orleans.

What actors and actresses appeared in Andy Plays Hero - 1914?

The cast of Andy Plays Hero - 1914 includes: Andy Clark as Andy Edna Hammel as Maggie

What are the release dates for Andy the Hero - 1920?

Andy the Hero - 1920 was released on: USA: 23 October 1920

What is the meaning of the nickname Hero of Appomattox?

The president is the hero of appomattox.

What was a result of war of 1812?

Andrew Jackson became a national hero

What makes Andy Biersack a hero?

he is a singer a really good singer but not my hero

Congress nicknamed president johnson andy what?


Who emerged as a national hero at battle of New Orleans?

Andrew Jackson was the "Hero of New Orleans", defeating the British on 8Jan1815

Nickname for president jackson?

His nickname was "Old Hickory" for being tough as hickory when he either fought in battles or was just in a usually fight. He was shot two inches from his heart and didnt go to the doctors or anything. He kept it in his chest till the day he died. Also, he was once slashed by a British Officer when he was a child after he and his brother were captured by the British. The officer commanded Andrew Jackson to shine the officer's shoes but when Jackson refused, the British officer hit him with his sword that left a huge scar on his chest. Your Welcome :-)

This quotation provided a nickname for which northern hero?


What was Giuseppe Garibaldi nickname?

The Hero of two Worlds