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just rumours..............

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Jenny Shimizu is female. She is a lesbian, however. She has been in a few movies and claims to have had a relationship at one time with Angelina Jolie.

Jenny Lynn Shimizu is a Japanese-American model.

Yes. While making Hackers, Angelina dated model/actress jenny shimizu.

Yes, she dated actress Jenny Shimizu

According to numerous media reports, Angelina Jolie is openly Bisexual.She is bisexualYes. She hasn't talked about it since the late 90's/early 2000's though. She was in a film called Hackers, with actress/model Jenny Shimizu, of whom she had relations with. Since, she has not been involved with a woman, only men.Yes, Angelina Jolie openly identifies as bisexual, and has had publicized relationships with both men and women, including her co-stars Brad Pitt and Jenny Shimizu.

If your referring to her role as GIA CARANGI in the film GIA, it's called acting. When it came to Jenny S (her co-star in Fox Fire), She said she was Bi-Sexual.

No she is not. She is dating actor/comedian Jim Carey.

Gibbs and Jenny had a relationship in the past, but it never says if he really loved her. In Judgment Day, Jenny reveals that she is in love with Gibbs.

status:in a relationship with jenny zamora.

He has a girlfriend named Jenny.

Jenny Shimizu 1994 - 1995Jonny Lee Miller (married) 1996 - 1999Timothy Hutton 1998 - 1999Antonio Banderas 2000Billy Bob Thornton (married) 2000 - 2003Colin Farrell 2003 - 2004Brad Pitt (married) 2005 - Present as of August 24, 2007

Jolie, Jessica, Judy, Jamika, Jamie, Jennifer, Jill jen Jennifer Jan janice jessica jenny

noActually yes she made an apperance there as the lesbian who helped Val to get over Rick. It was one episode I believe or 2.

The Nate Berkus Show - 2010 Relationship Rescue with Jenny McCarthy 1-24 was released on: USA: 14 October 2010

when you asked that question, did you think what you would do if you lesbian? i used to be married to a man ,then we had a divorce and i went with my wife jenny.[ i am a woman by the way.] when we met i asked her if she was lesbian and she said no. i made her lesbian by telling her i really liked her as a girlfriend and then we had sex and made out. Now we have 11 kids. So if you are not lesbian i say, if you have a really close friend that is a girl, then i say ask 4 sex and do it girlfriend! you never know, she might say YES!

Jenny is just Jenny in German; there is no German translation.

Jenny Neuburger goes by Jenny.

Jenny Krochmal goes by Jenny.

Jenny Mac goes by Jenny Mac.

Jenny Dolly went by Jenny Dolly.

Jenny Holzer has written: 'Jenny Holzer'

Distance can be reffered to as not talking as much, to not seeing as much of each other. Usually this means that there are problems in the relationship. In a sentance, it could be like "me and jenny used to be so close, but now there is this distance between us".

Jenny Leduc's birth name is Jenny Andree.

Jenny Marba's birth name is Jenny Abramsohn.

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