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Bushido was the general equivalent of a code of ethics and morals for warriors. The Europeans had the Code of Chivalry that most soldiers tried to live up to. Such codes provided a basis for actions and a level of confidence.

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Q: Why was Bushido important for Japanese soldiers?
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Why are bushido important to the Japanese samurai?

cuz i said so

Why did the Japanese treat their prisoners the way they did?

The Japanese soldiers had Bushido Kodeks which said that a soldier should rather die then give up. For them a POW had no honor.

What did the Japanese military code suggest to defeated soldiers?

The Bushido code taught that it was more honorable to die than to surrender.

Who were the samural?

They were Japanese soldiers who followed the bushido code of honor and fought for their emperor to the deAth sword was their most prized posession

How does the way of the warrior represent bushido?

Because in Japanese, The way of the warrior translates into Bushido

Who was Bushido meant for in World War 2 for the Japanese?

Bushido was a code of conduct for warriors.

What is bushido and why was it important?

The Bushido code is the Japanese way of the warrior. It places honor above all, even one's life. Japanese soldiers in World war II would fight until killed, or commit suicide rather than be captured. It also meant that they showed little mercy to those they captured, treating them with contempt and often killing POWs or working them to death.

Who are the people who practiced Bushido?

The Japanese Samurai were the people who followed the code of Bushido. This was their code of Chivalry.

A code that the Japanese warriors lived by?


What is the code the Japanese knights lived by?


How were the Japanese traditions of samurai daimyo and bushido a part of World War 2?

On Guadalcanal, the Americans were amazed that some of the Japanese soldiers fought them hand to hand with swords. This is in the strictest tradition of Samurai. But, moreover, the indoctrination of these men and the culture of the Samurai pervaded Japanese society. Bushido called for courtesy to your enemy only if they merited it. If the enemy demanded bushido before death and the Japanese executioner could not provide it, the condemned were supposed to be allowed to live. But to surrender was the lowest thing that any warrior could do and called for execution.

What is the Japanese warrior code for never surrender?


What Japanese word means way of the warrior?


What do the Japanese refer to a Samurai as?

The Japanese refer to the Samurai as Bushido. This refers to members of the military nobility prior to modern times. Bushi means warrior, and Bushido means the way of the warrior.

What does samurai mean in Japanese?

Samurai, also known as Bushido, was the later name of the warrior in the Bushi code. Bushi means warrior and Bushido means the way of the warrior then later Bushido was replaced with Samurai however you do not pronounce it Samuraido just Samurai. Samurai means the way of the warrior in Japanese.

Are there any Japanese World War 2 soldiers living in the America today?

Probably, but since they are more interested then death than dishonor because of the Bushido code, there aren't probably that many.

What English word has a similar meaning to the Japanese word Bushido?

Honor Code

Why was Bushido important to the samurai warrior?

Bushido was the samurais' code and way of like and one who did not follow it was not seen with honor or respect

What are the main elements of Japanese bushido?

The main elements a bushido warrior should follow, is courage in battle, and loyalty to their shogun. They also should show a passion for education.

What is the name of a Japanese feudal lord?

A Bushido which was renamed Daimyo under the Ashikaga Shogunate.

Which practice in medieval Europe was most similar to a Japanese warrior's code of bushido?


What was the code of Bushido of the Japanese samurai is mostly similar to?

It was similar to the code of chivalry of the knights.

What are the element of Japanese Bushido?

Morality, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty

What did they do with the code Bushido?

the Bushido code was a Japanese honour code, where the Japanese would commit suicide instead of surrendering. the did not believe in surrender and were taught to take their own lives as apposed to disobeying their honourable code. the Japanese therefor did not respect POW that surrendered and so treated them terribly, killing most of them.

What is the Bushito Code of Japanese soldiers?

It is not "bushito" but "bushido," a many centuries old moral code followed by the samurai emphasizing self discipline, martial arts, and honor. Live by the sword, die by the sword. To surrender is dishonorable.