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Chinese writing was hard to learn because you were probably unfamiliar to it. There also is no alphabet making it hard to memorize.

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Q: Why was Chinese writing hard to learn?
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What do the Chinese learn at school?

They learn Chinese writing,math,history of China,English,painting,music and so on.

Can anyone learn Automatic Writing?

Most people can learn automatic writing, however it is hard.

Why was the Chinese system of writing difficult to learn?

Thousands of characters were used

Is Japanese writing hard to learn?

Japanese writing is composed of three different systems, one must not only learn them but the appropriate situations and things for which to use each system:Kanji/the traditional Chinese writing, a system of one symbol per word/ideaKatakana, a syllabary using one symbol per syllable, used for writing Japanese words not having Chinese symbolsHiragana/Romaji, a syllabary using one symbol per syllable, used mostly for writing words from foreign languagesThis may be hard or easy for different individuals to learn.

Is it true that if you learn Chinese vietnamese and japense will be easier to learn?

yes because Chinese has the same reading and writing but they speak a little different and vietnamese is easy beacaus a few of the alphabet is used thaer well, kinda, but Chinese is really hard to learn, cuz theres no alphabet. but i think its true. maybe u should learn Korean first.

What do people in China learn in school?

Mandarin; Reading (Chinese) Writing (Chinese) and Arithmetic. History. and they get teached how to have sex

What is the hardest language?

Chinese and French are known to be a hard language to learn.

What makes writing Chinese so difficult?

The reason Chinese writing is so hard is because there are 11 possible brush strokes and a different Chinese character for every part of a word!

Is it easier to learn Japanese or Chinese?

It's said it's easier to learn Japanese at the beginning but harder later. And it's hard to learn Chinese at the beginning but easier later.

Who is most likely to be interested in Chinese writing translation?

Some people that are likely to be interested in Chinese writing translation include a student that is studying foreign language. An adult who is looking to learn more about writing in Chinese may also be interested.

Why is mandarin Chinese so hard to learn?

Mandarin is harder to learn because to pronounce the words is really hard and there is also way more letters in the alphabet to learn

The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used?

The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used a complex system of symbols. The Kanji of the Asian languages are difficult to master because one must learn the strokes and their order to execute it properly.

How do you speak in Mandarin Chinese?

learn it, and speak it..... for example {Hello} is {你好} pronouciation {nee how} it is hard to learn Chinese, Chinese is a very complicated language, but it really does worth learning

Is there a good iPhone app to help you learn Chinese?

There are many different iphone apps that can teach Chinese, and you can choose the apps that meet your learning needs, if you want to learn Chinese characters then use MagiChinese, to learn Chinese writing use Skritter, to learn with games use Chineseskill, to learn pinyin and tones use Standard Mandarin.

How do you learn Chinese maths?

First, you need to learn chinese. Then, hopefully, when you are studying chinese, you will learn chinese math.

Why is early Chinese writing important?

because current Chinese writing came from early Chinese writing

What do you call the Chinese writing form?

Han or Chinese Writing

How do you learn to write you name in chinese?

AnswerWe write our names in Chinese characters, in some cases, however, pinyin (the bridge between Chinese characters and the English alphabet) is also required.Yes that is true but when writing in Chinese you have to have thin writing, because if its thick it will look like a mess

What is the most effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly?

For beginners, Chinese is not an easy language to learn at first. It will be better to learn with a private teacher, especially a native Chinese teacher. He/She will help you with pronunciation rules and writing rules, and design learning plans upon your learning habit and learning goals. When you master the basics, you can learn by yourself. You can learn online and get a one-on-one native Chinese tutor.

Did marcopolo learn to speak Chinese?

Yes, he did learn Chinese.

What is 'writing' when translated from English to Chinese?

"writing" in Chinese is "写(xiě) ".

What is the difference between Chinese and cuneiform writing?

chinese writing uses logographs

What tools could you use to learn the art of Chinese lettering?

To use learn the art of Chinese lettering, it is important to have the proper pen as the writing utensil. Chinese lettering is attuned to drawing with a flair, therefore it is important that the proper pen is used that can accomplish the mission for legibility.

How is the Chinese writing system different from the Egyptian writing system?

what are the difference between the chinese writing system and the egyptian writing system

How do you write 14 in chnse?

You can start off by writing Chinese properly first before you learn the numeric system. lrn2notabrv.