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Why was Christianity important to people during the Middle Ages?

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i guess

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Christianity was important and almost forced people to believe in it or be killed. There were many crusades and battles in the name of Christianity during the Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages Christianity was the foundational religion of Europe. The Jewish people were viewed differently by Christian people.

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

he was first crusades forchristianity people

Most people of Western Europe, for most of the Middle Ages, were linked by a belief in Christianity, in the communion of the Catholic Church.

Everyone was Catholic in Europe is wrong... ^^^^^^ is wrong answer its.. CHRISTIANITY

People liked pudding and pickles in the middle ages

Christianity was one of the main religons during the Middle Ages, with tje Crusades and such, it might not've been the one that "helped" them, but it was sure as Hell the dominant one.

The play helped people understand the church services

Jesus yesssa mighty jesus he was important

The main language spoken by the people in Middle America is Spanish. The main religion of these people is Christianity.

Christianity impacted the lives of people in the Middle Ages because it provided them with faith and gave them a worldly perspective since science had not evolved yet. Feudalism caused people in the Middle ages to seek changes in government.

After Jesus Christ, i suppose the Apostle Paul was the most important, but he saw himself as the chiefest of sinners, {1 Timothy 1.15}. This is similar for all the important people of Christianity

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

god or Jesus he saved all people

Some important people associated with Christianity are the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Paul is also important, because many of his letters appear in the New Testament.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, Christianity was the only organized religion, which was Catholicism. During the Middle Ages, Catholicism dominated all lives of all people from birth through death. Catholicism gave the rules and regulations for life for all people, no matter if they were peasants, serfs, nobles or Kings.

Passover is not a time of fasting, so Jewish people can eat during the middle of the day during Passover.

important figures are important because they inspire the people and its like there hero, there inspirations.

Who were all the important people during the Civil War?

There are quite a few things that people during the middle ages would eat at a wedding. Meats of all kinds are included.

People that were rich during the Middle Ages did not work. People in the Middle Ages that were rich got their money by taxing other people.

Yes these religion do have important people. People like head of states presidents are all part of the these group of worshipers.

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