Why was Claude Monet not aloud to live with his dad?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Why was Claude Monet not aloud to live with his dad?
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Who were claude monet parents?

Claude Monet's dad was Claude-Adolphe and Claude Monet's mother was Louise-Justine Aubrée Monet. Claude's father ran a grocery business.

What did Claude Monet's mother do for a living?

Claude Monet's mom, Louise Justine Aubree Monet, was a singer. His dad, Claude Adolphe Monet, ran a grocery business.

What was Claude Monet's dads job?

Claude Monets dad was a grocery store owner.

What is the name of Claude Monet's mom and dad?

Monet's mother was Louis-Justine Aubre Monet, an art loving singer.

Who was Claude Monets DaD?

Adolphe Monet (Claude's dad) was a grocer. In 1845 the family moved to Le Havre, France, where Adolphe and an uncle went into business selling supplies for ships.

What's Monet's mom and dad name?

hope and died

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