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The D-Day invasion was very difficult for a number of reasons.

1 -This was possibly the most heavily defended coastline ever invaded.

2- A standard military dictum is to never attack dug in defenders unless you have at least 3 times numerical superiority.-The Allies were well below this number.

3 -The soldiers landing had to have colossal re-supply in food, ammunition, fuel and spare parts.

4 - The sheer amount of shipping landing troops and supplies, giving naval gunfire support and keeping E-Boats away was staggering and had to be carefully guided.

5- Allied air support also had to very careful simply because of the numbers of aircraft involved. Over 14,000 air missions happened on 6 June alone ! -

6 - By the 8 th, units of 2nd Tactical Air Force were already flying in ground attack fighters to operate from just behind the expanding front line.

In general just the sheer amount of organisation and co-ordination was mind blowing.

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Q: Why was D-Day invasion so difficult?
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