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Why was Henry Hudson major exploration?


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he was a major explorer because he and his crew found the new york bay which is present day hudson river.

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England exploration Henry Hudson.

Englad gave money to Henry Hudson to continue his exploration.

Henry Hudson turned to the wrong direction

Hudson made voyages of exploration for both the Dutch and British.

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson Bay which allowed exploration of landlocked areas in Western Canada and the Arctic. His discovery of the Hudson Strait also established the main Atlantic entrance to the Northwest Passage.

Henry Hudson's exploration was important because he discovered the New York Bay area.

after henry's last which was the 4th exploration he died.by:5th grader

is it because he dicovered the hudson river,hudson bay,and the hudson strit

Claimed rich farmland along the Hudson River

he was about as small but like he was in his teens

For all of the Hudson Bay Companies impact on the exploration of North America, it was an ecconomic enterprise and a search for wealth.

exploring new york and sailing what is now known as the Hudson river

Henry Hudson sailed in 1610 in search of a Northwest Passage, one he had wanted to pursue almost since the start of his voyages.

He was looking for the Northwest Passage but never found it.

he wanted to find a passage from England to china

Henry Hudson expanded human knowledge through his explorations of the Pacific Ocean.

In 1609 Hudson left Holland to find a northern sea route to Asia, and his exploration ended in 1624.

If you just thought about it, it would present itself... but the answer is Arctic Ocean, because he had to explore the Hudson Bay, it was a bay named after Henry Hudson! St. Lawrence River had many reference to Henry Hudson exploration! And Henry Hudson never really had any reason to explore the Arctic Ocean!

Prince Henry was a very successful explorer and was a major part in the Age of Exploration.

Henry Hudson is famous for discovering New York Harbor and the river feeding it which is known now, as the Hudson River

he died before he could bring anything back,

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