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Because he had so many affairs with other women.

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When was Hera jealous?

Hera is jealous in the majority of the myths she appears in because Zeus is always cheating on her. In the myth of Hercules, for example, Hera is jealous because Zeus cheated on her with Alcmene.

Who was a forest nymph protecting Zeus from his jealous wife Hera?

Echo was a forest nymph protecting Zeus from his jealous wife, Hera. Hera cursed the nymph's voice so that she could only repeat what was spoken to her. She distracted Hera while Zeus went back to Olympus after sneaking out.

Was Hera jealous?

Yes, Hera was known for being a very jealous goddess. Her husband, Zeus, often cheated on her, so she was jealous of these other women. Its also believed that Zeus and Olympias(mother of Alexandra The Great) were lovers....

Is Hera the Greek god very jealous?

Hera was a very jealous goddess considering Zeus was wooing other wemon. Zeus was very unfaithful

Why is Hera the Greek goddess so against other women?

Hera was insanely jealous of the women that her husband Zeus was having affairs with.

Why is Hera jealous of Zeus' children?

She was only jealous of the ones that Zeus had had with other women because they meant that Zeus had cheated on her, because she was his wife

Is Hera jealous?

Yes, Hera was jealous of her brother-husband, Zeus, because he was always seeing (and having children with) other women.

Who does hera and zeus try to kill with two snakes?

Hercules. Also it wasnt Zeus, it was just Hera because she was jealous that Zeus had another child with a mortal

What moon is the maiden that was loved by Zeus but turned into a heifer so that hera wouldn't find her?

Io, one of the moons of Jupiter was transformed into a heifer by Zeus' wife Hera who was jealous of his interest in her.

Hera personality traits?

Hera was very vindictive, manipulative, cruel, and jealous when Zeus had his affair.

Which goddess had a good reason to be jealous?

Hera, wife of Zeus, was the goddess who had a good reason to be jealous

Who was the most jealous wife of Zeus?

Hera was most famous for punishing those who had affairs with Zeus.

Why was Hera always jealous?

Hera, the goddess of marriage, was jealous because her husband Zeus was constantly cheating on her with a range of titanesses, goddesses, nymphs and mortals.

Was Hera jelous of Zeus?

he constantly cheated on her which in turn made her jealous Zeus and Hera were the prototype for what it meant to be male and female in ancient Greece. Zeus was domineering, virile, and philandering, not out of disrespect, but because it was his nature. Likewise, Hera was the paragon of fidelity. She was passive-aggressive, demure, and jealous of Zeus conquests, going so far as to manipulate circumstances against them. This is how the Greeks viewed men and women.

Was there a conflict with Hera?

Hera was jealous of every other woman that Zeus had an affair with and every child that Zeus had with other women. She particularly hated Hercules.

Did Hera try to kill Zeus?

yes hera did try to kill zues because she was jealous of all his mistresses

Why was Castillo hated by Hera?

Zeus had loved her. Hera was jealous. After he raped Callisto and she had a baby boy, she turned her into a bear.

What was hera proud of?

Hera was the queen Goddess, and the wife of Zeus. Hera was extremely proud of her looks, but also very jealous of the beauty of others.

Why does Hera get jealous?

Her husband, Zeus cheated on her with many human women and goddesses.

What is the name of Zeus jealous wife?

Hera. Her name is Juno in Roman mythology.

What are facts about hera the goddess?

She was Zeus' main wife and very jealous of his philandering. Hera is the protectress of the home and of marriage. She caused trouble for Zeus' mistresses and extramarital progeny.

Who was Suspended from Olympus by her wrists?

Hera by her husband Zeus. He did that because Hera talked to several Olympians in an attempt to drug Zeus, for she was extremely jealous of her husband's mortal affairs

What are hera's characteristics?

Hera is a betrayer who have been working for the enemy to however destroy zeus and olympus while sometimes said that she was forced to

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