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The Japanese attack the US (Pearl Harbor) without provocation during World War II. This act brought the US into the conflict which at the time was mainly isolated to Europe.

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Q: Why was Japan the enemy in World War 2?
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What was the enemy country of World War 2?


Enemy country during World War 2?


What is an enemy for the US in World War 1 World War 2?

Germany,Japan,and Italy

Was japan a friend or an enemy of the US after the world war 2?


What was the relationship between Australia and japan in World War 2?

they are at war kill and or defeat the enemy

What country were Americas enemy's during the World War 2?

Germany and Japan

Who were englands enemy in world war 2?

Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.

Why did US help china in World War 2?

Japan was their common enemy.

Did china have any specific enemy countries during world war 2?


Was Japan was an ally of the US during World War 2 but then became their enemy?


Who was Americas major enemy during world war 2?

I would say Germany. Although Japan was a big enemy.

Who was Canada's enemy in World War 2?

Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy; the Axis Powers.

What two countries were the US enemy during World War 2?

Japan & Germany .

What country was Australia's ally World War 1 and an enemy in World War 2?

nobody you dingbat Japan and Italy

Why was Japan and the USSR enemies during World War 2?

Because Russia was an ally of the USA and Britain and therefore an enemy of Japan.

What was America's major enemy country at the beginning of world war 2?

First Japan in the Pacific and then Germany .

Who countries were America's common enemy during World War 2?

They were mainly Germany , Italy and Japan.

Which country's were enemy's of the US during world war 2?

Germany, Japan, Italy and several other

Did Japan benefit from World War 2?

No Japan did not benefit from World War 2.

Who are the enemy aliens in World War 1 or World War 2?

Turkey, Germany in WW1 The Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Romania, Japan) in WW2

Which countries were Californias enemies during World War 2?

During World War 2, California was part of the United States, so any enemy of the U.S. would, by extension, have been an enemy of California. For example, Italy, Japan, or Germany.

Did japan win the World War 2?

Japan was defeated in World War II.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

Name the country that was an enemy of the US during world war 2?

Germany , japan, Italy

World War 2 atomic bombing in Japan?

Hitler started world war 2 then japan got involved