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Why was Jeremiah a prophet?

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He saw that Jerusalem and the Holy Temple were being ruined, so he continually warned the people that God would punish them if they didn't change their ways. He told them that they should 'return to God' otherwise terrible things would happen. This proved to be right, and terrible things did happen.

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Was Jeremiah a suffering prophet?

Jeremiah was reffered more as the weeping prophet , and not suffering prophet.

Is Jeremiah an important prophet?

Yes Jeremiah is a very important prophet, a major prophet.

Prophet Jeremiah did he weep a lot?

NO,Prophet Jeremiah did not weep alot

Why is Jeremiah rightly called the prophet of doom?

No Jeremiah is called the weeping prophet , and not the prophet of doom.

When Jeremiah the prophet died?

It is possible that jeremiah the prophet died after 586.B.C.

Who is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah is a famous prophet , who wrote the book of Jeremiah and also Lamentations, he is also called the weeping prophet.

What culture is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah the prophet was Hebrew.

What did jeremiah do?

Jeremiah was a prophet of God. Save

Who wrote the Book of Jeremiah?

The prophet Jeremiah

Who is the crying prophet?

The crying prophet is Jeremiah.

Is jeremiah a?


Was Jeremiah a profit?

Jeremiah was a major prophet in the old testament , and is often called the weeping prophet.

Who was to receive the book of jeremiah?

The Book of Jeremiah was written by prophet Jeremiah for the Israelites.

Where Prophet Jeremiah Wrote the Book of Jeremiah?

The prophet Jeremiah wrote the book before the people were taken as slaves to Babylon. As he warns them in the book.

What prophet began service as child?

It was Jeremiah the prophet.

Was prophet Jeremiah married?


How old was Jeremiah when god called him as prophet?

We are told that Jeremiah was very young when he became a prophet, but we are not given his age.

Was Jeremiah a suffering prophet or a weeping prophet?

Jeremiah was known as the "Weeping Prophet" (9:1; 14:17). But you only have to read the book to realize he was a suffering prophet also.

How prophet Jeremiah preached?

The prophet jeremiah is often refered to as the weeping prophet, he constantly told the Jews to repent and follow god, and not sinful people and idols.

Was jeremiah Jewish?

Yes. Jeremiah was an Israelite prophet of the Tribe of Levi.

Who are the five major prophets?

Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Elijah, Prophet Nehemiah, Prophet Joel, Prophet Isaiah.

Where did Jeremiah the prophet live?


Who is the youngest prophet in the Bible?


Which prophet was preaching crying?


Who was jeramiah in The Bible?

Jeremiah was a prophet.