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because it was a very populated area and then German tried striking fear in the hearts of the English

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Q: Why was Liverpool bombed in world war 1 and in world war 2?
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Is it in World War 1 that Nagasaki was bombed?

No, that was in WW II

What was the 1st Australian city to be bombed in world war 1?

No Australian city was bombed during WW1.

Was it World War 1 or two when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor?


Why did the US get involved in World War 1 and World War 2?

we had allies that were getting bombed and we started to step in and later off we left the war

What was the ship that was bombed to get the us involved in World War 1?

The British cruise liner Lusitania

What are the release dates for Secrets of World War II - 1998 How Germany Was Bombed to Defeat 1-23?

Secrets of World War II - 1998 How Germany Was Bombed to Defeat 1-23 was released on: UK: 9 April 1998 USA: 9 April 1998

Was Berlin Bombed by Air in World War 1?

No, it wasn't. Plans were in the works to bomb the city, but the war ended before it was put into action.

How many evacuees of World War 2?

There was over 1,000,000 refugees after the war.

Where did a passenger ship sail from to a New York port during World War 1?

liverpool, england

Why did US join into World War 1?

The Japanese Bombers bombed many ships like the West Virginia, Arizona...

What caused the US enter World War I?

when japan bombed hawaii that was the outrage that causedus to bomb them and then the us broke into world war 1 between japan and usa so suck it

Was the German v2 a bomb?

No, the V2 did not have enough range to hit Liverpool, only south east England. Liverpool is in the north west of the country. Liverpool was bombed in WW2 but with bomber aircraft not missiles.