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American actress who achieved her greatest success as the character Peter Pan
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What was Samuel Adams famous for?

Samuel Adams is famous for the group called the Sons of Liberty, an early patriotic movement that engaged in tax resistance activities such as the Boston Tea Party (1773) and the burning of the revenue cutter HMS Gaspee (1772).

Why was Abigail Adams famous?

Abigail Adam's Letters Abigail Adams is famous for encouraging womens' rights and sending her letters. Her letters were very important at that time.

What is Samuel Adams famous for?

Samuel Adams is also known as "Father of American Revolution". The tyranny of England and his speeches drew many American colonists to fight for their freedom. He was born at the date of September 27, 1722. He was born in Boston, Massachuetts.

What famous thing did Samuel Adams do?

Samuel Adams is most notable for his signature on the United StatesDeclaration of Independence. He also helped to organize the BostonTea Party.

What made Abigail Adams famous?

She was the wife of John Adams and had 6 children. Her letters to him still exist and she expresses herself very well about the place of women in society and government. She encourages him to think about women when passing laws. Much of her life was spent with him gone and she had to run the farm. S ( Full Answer )

How is Abigail Adams famous?

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams, the vice president toGeorge Washington and the second President of the United States.The letters she wrote to John during the American Revolution act asa sort of window to that time.

What was John Adams most famous for?

John Adams was on the leading founding fathers, a part of the American Independence movement from its beginning. He played an important role as a diplomat in Europe for the revolutionary government. He was the second U.S. President and the first Vice President. Father of John Quincy Adams. He died o ( Full Answer )

What is John Adams famous for?

John Adams (1735-1826) was the first Vice President of the United States, and the second President. As one of the Founding Fathers, he contributed to the success of the Revolutionary War, one of those who persuaded Congress to declare independence in 1776. He also wrote most of the Massachusetts Sta ( Full Answer )

How did John Adams become famous?

He first became known when he was George Washington's vice president. He became really popular when he was elected president. However, he was never as popular as George Washington.

What is Abigail Adams famous for?

Abigail Adams is famous because she became the first woman tolive in the White House with John Adams, 2nd president of theUnited States, and their children. She for more than 100 years theonly women to be the wife and mother of a president. (John QuincyAdams, 6th president of the United States) . S ( Full Answer )

What made John Adams famous?

John Adams was from MA and he was a patriot. He was one of the delegates in the continental congress, and he had to convince the other delegates to vote for independence (which he ended up doing).

What was Adam Smith famous for?

Adam Smith is famous for The Wealth of Nation, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, and his Essay on Philosophical subjects.

What is sam Adams famous for?

Sam Adams is famous for being one of the Founding Fathers in theU.S. He lived in Massachusetts and was instrumental in the AmericanRevolution.

Why was Abigail Smith Adams famous for?

Abigail Adams is famous not only as the wife of America's Second President, but as the mother of American's sixth president, John Quincy Adams. The Adams family also holds the distinction of being the first occupants of the White House in the as yet undeveloped town of Washington.

Why was Abigal Adams famous?

Abigal became famous because she taught her children... she helped her husband during wars and gave him ideas!

When did Bryan Adams become famous?

He became famous on November 2nd 1986, three days shy of his birthday.November 2nd was the day of his first big gig. That gig really launched his entire career.

What was Abigail Adams most famous for?

Abigail Smith Adams (17441818) was the wife of John Adams, the second President of the United States, the mother of John Quincy Adams. Some of her quotations: "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." "Great difficulties may be su ( Full Answer )

What John Adams famous for?

John Adams was the first Vice President, the second President, the first Minister to the Court of St. James (Great Britain), snd a signer of Declaration of Independence.

Why is Osceola Macarthy Adams famous?

Osceola Macarthy Adams is a founding member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. She was also the first Black actress on Broadway. She continued her successful career as an actress and acting coach. She coached people like Harry Belefonte'

When was Abigail Adams become famous?

Abigail Adams is the wife of john Adams who is the second president of the untied states. Abigail Adams is remembered for the many different letters she wrote to her husband, during the time he was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is Adam lamberg famous?

I guess so, he was on Lizzie McGuire and I saw him on a poster from Pop star.

What is Adam Gontier famous for?

Adam Gontier is famous for being the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the hard-rock band, Three Days Grace.

Why was Bryan Adams famous?

Bryan Adams had a number of well-known songs in the 1980's, beginning with " Cuts Like a Knife" (from the album of the same name) and "Straight from the Heart" in 1983. In 1984, he released the album Reckless which yielded the hits "Summer of '69", "Run to You", "Somebody", and "Heaven", his firs ( Full Answer )

Why John Adams is famous?

John Adams is famous because he is the second president and he was also a leader in the army.

What John Adams did to become famous?

Adams attracted attention in Boston as a clever lawyer and became active in the revolutionary movement that preceded the declaration of independence. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a diplomat to France and the Netherlands, helped draw up the treaty that ended the war and served as the fi ( Full Answer )

Is Adam Scott a famous person?

Adam Scott is a featured cast member of Parks and Recreations. Mr. Scott has also appeared on Party Down and had a role in the movie, Step Brothers.

What did John Adams do to become famous?

First, he was a founding father. Then he became vice president for George Washington then the president of the United States of America.

When did Adam young get famous?

Adam Young got famous in 2007, releasing an album called "Of June", but he wasn't famous like, on the radio famous. That didn't happen til 2009 with Fireflies. ~Tiffany

How famous is Adam Whittington?

Here are opinions: . Not very. He goes to great lengths to promote himself. . You will find out soon how famous Adam Whittington is. Check out movie teaser for Paris Jackson's photo shoot for Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys and you can hear Adam's song, Make The World Love Again.

Is Valerie Adams famous?

Valerie Adams is famous. She is famous because she is a gold medalist in shot put.

What famous person has the name Adam?

Famous people named Adam: . Adam Sandler, comedian, actor . Adam Lambert, singer (American Idol) . Adam Vinitiari, NFL kicker . Adam Levine, lead singer, Maroon 5

What was Bryan Adams most famous for?

Bryan Adams is a well know Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, and photographer, among many other things. He is best know for his music career, spanning from the 1980's to the present.

What was Adam Osborne most famous for?

Adam Osborne is credited with creating the first portable computer. The cost was over $1500 and it weighed over 20 pounds. He also created easy to use manuals for people to learn how to operate the computer. He was born in Thailand.

What is Adam Stacy famous for?

Adam C. Stacey is a Republican politician from Bath, Michigan. He started his political career in 2004 as a trustee for the Bath Charter Township Board of Trustees. His first accomplishment was getting the town online with a brand new website.

What is Adam Vinatieri famous for?

Adam Vinatieri is the place kicker for the Indianapolis Colts. Prior to joining the Colts in '06 Adam was the place kicker for the New England Patriots from 1996-2005. Adam is well known for his poise under pressure and clutch kicking abilities having scored game-tying and winning kicks in the infam ( Full Answer )

What is Adam Rodriguez most famous for?

Adam Rodriguez is an actor. He has starred in both television show and movies. His most recent television work was for CSI: Miami. He was also in a few movies, such as Magic Mike, and I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

For what is Abigail Adams famous for?

Abigail Adams was famous for being the wife of John Adams the 2nd president of the United States and is regarded as the first Second Lady of the United States. Abigail and her husband wrote many letters to each other discussing politics and advice during the Continental Congresses and otherwise.

How did Adam Richman become famous?

Adam Richman became famous gradually after getting his Master's degree in Yale University's School of Drama and touring the U. S. as a chef. He is currently the host of Man. vs. Food on The Travel Channel.

What are Harold and Maude famous for?

Harold and Maude is a 1971 American black comedy film. The film's plot centers around a young man named Harold who becomes romantically involved with a 79 year old woman named Maude.

What is Adam Powell famous for?

Adam Clayton Powell was born on November 29th 1908 in New Haven, Ct. He was an American Politician and pastor who represented Harlem. He is most famously known as the first African American from New York to be elected to Congress.

What is Adam Savage famous for?

Adam Savage is most well known for being one of the hosts on the Discovery television show MythBusters. He also does special effects for movies, and his work has appeared in Star Wars and Matrix movies.

Adam Deacon was famous in what industry?

Adam Deacon was famous in the entertainment industry. Adam was best known as an actor, however, he also proved to have some skill for directing and filming, as well as musical talent in the rap genre.

What is Adams Morgan famous for?

Adams Morgan is a neighborhood in Washington, D.C. that is well-known for its cultural diversity. The area is also very popular for its night life and is composed of older homes that were built in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

What is Adam Levine famous for?

Adam Levine is a famous American singer and songwriter, and occasional actor. He is best known as being the leading vocalist for the pop and rock band Maroon 5.

What are Adam and Eve most famous for?

Adam and Eve are most famous for being the first humans created by God in the Bible. They ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and were expelled from it as a result.