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Q: Why was Robert Peel a good leader?
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Is Robert Peel spelled like Robert Peel or Robert Peal?

Robert Peel is spelt like Robert Peel.

Who was the leader of the country in the time of A Christmas Carol?

Queen Victoria was on the throne and the Prime-minister was Robert Peel.

What was Robert Peel famous for?

Robert Peel invented the first police force

When was Robert Peel born?

Robert Peel was born on February 5, 1788.

When was Robert Peel Dawson born?

Robert Peel Dawson was born in 1818.

When did Robert Peel Dawson die?

Robert Peel Dawson died in 1877.

When did Robert Francis Peel die?

Robert Francis Peel died in 1924.

When was Robert Francis Peel born?

Robert Francis Peel was born in 1874.

When did Robert peel invent the police force?

1829 by Sir Robert Peel

What did sir Robert peel invent?

sir Robert peel invented sx

What was the name of sir Robert peel's mother?

Ellen Yates was Robert Peel's Mother.

Who were Robert peels parents?

Sir Robert Peel's parents were William Peel and Ellen Yates. William Peel was a wealthy textile manufacturer and Member of Parliament.