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How are Australian leaders chosen?

By the australians, in elections

What is the responsibility of a cabinet minister?

The Cabinet Minister is chosen by the Prim Minister..

How is the prime minister of the Bahamas chosen?

prime ministers are chosen in the Bahamas by voting. whoever gets the best number of votes is chosen as prime minister.

How is a prime minister chosen in Trinidad and tobago?

there to be the tent prime minister .

How is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom chosen?

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is technically chosen by the people, who vote for his party in an election.

How is the prime minister of the country selected?

The Prime Minister is chosen by a vote of Parliament

What is technocrat minister?

Non elected person but chosen by prime minister for ministry is called....

How is the prime minister of Japan chosen?

The Prime Minister of Japan is chosen by the Diet. These members in turn are elected by the population of Japan. The Prime Minister is generally the leader of the party with the most elected members in the Legislature.

A Prime minister is chosen after how many years?

Generally, the Prime Minister is chosen the day after the election, 1/365 years. There must be an election at least once every 5 years, but the Prime Minister does not have to change. There is no term limit for Prime Minister.

Is the prime minister of Romania chosen or elected?

The prime minister in Romania is appointed by the president of the country.

What is a Cabinet Minister in Canada?

A Cabinet Minister is an MP (Member of Parliament) chosen by the Prime Minister and is responsible for running federal departments.

According to the constitution how is the Prime Minister chosen?

The prime minister of Australia is chosen by a majority of the members of the house of representative's. The members of the house of representatives get there by being voted for by the general population.

How is the government chosen in Saint Lucia?

It is chosen by a democratic voting of the people. They choose representatives and a Prime Minister.

When was the Prime Minister of Denmark chosen?

Lars Løkke Rasmussen was chosen as the Prime Minister of Denmark on 2009 April 5, one day after Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen resigned to become Secretary General of NATO.

How do you get prime minister job?

The Prime Minister is Chosen by the House of Representatives voting and the citizens voting as well.

How did Pierre Elliot Trudeau become a Prime Minister?

He became a Prime Minister because he got elected and got chosen to be the Prime Minister.

How are Canadian senators chosen?

They are Appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada!

How is prime minister chosen in the Bahamas?

the priminister is chosen vote so vote for plp as you will have perry christie as your priminester

How does the senate get their position in the Bahamas?

they are chosen by the leader of the oppsition and the prime minister...

How are Britain's prime minister and cabinet members chosen?

Britain's Prime Minister and cabinet members are generally chosen by the party in power. The party in power is the group that got the most votes in the last election.

Who is chosen to be prime minister of Canada?

Generally, the leader of the party with the most seats is chosen to be Prime Minister by the Governor General of Canada. If there is a minority government, the Prime Minister does not have to be the leader of the party with the most seats, but that leader is generally given preference over other leaders.

Who was sir edmund hillarys guide to climb mteverst?

Edmund Hillary's guide/climbing partner was Tenzing Norgay. He was chosen as he had knowledge of what it was like high up on Mount Everest.

How is the Prime minister elected in Australia?

The prime minister is chosen by colleagues at a post election Cabinet meeting where most portfolios are decided.

Was Bob Hawke the longest prime minister chosen?

Not at all. Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister was Sir Robert Menzies.

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