Why was Stalingrad important?

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Stalingrad was important because it was the biggest battle and the bloodiest battle in the whole world.

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Q: Why was Stalingrad important?
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Why was Stalingrad such an important place to control?

why was stalingrad such an important place to control

The Battle of Stalingrad was important because?

The battle of stalingrad was important because, it was an turning point in World War 2.

Why was the battle of Stalingrad imprortant?

The battle of stalingrad was important because, it was an turning point in World War 2.

Explain the importance of Stalingrad?

The battle of Stalingrad was important for both the Nazis and Soviets. For the Nazis, it was a flanking point to get to the caucuses oil field which would of given the Nazis fuel to prolong their campaign. Stalingrad was important to the soviets as it was named after Joseph Stalingrad, so a moral importance was for the USSR.

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad important?

It stopped German progression across russia.

Why was Stalingrad so important for the Germans?

because they wanted it all for thelves

What was the most important battle in World War 2?

Stalingrad or El Alamein

Where was Stalingrad fought?

in Stalingrad

Where was the battle Stalingrad?

the battle of Stalingrad took place in Stalingrad, Russia

Why was it important for the Russians to win the Battle of Stalingrad?

It was a MAJOR turning point in WWII for the Soviets.

Importance of Battle of Stalingrad?

The battle for Stalingrad marked the first significant defeat of German arms in the East and marked the furthermost Eastern advance of German forces . It was an important morale boost to the Russian peoples . After Stalingrad the Germans never regained the initiative .

What was the reason for stalingrad?

What were the reason for the Battle of Stalingrad

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