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He wanted to be king and There was no other way but to kill king Harold.

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Q: Why was William Duke of Normandy tough on the English?
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Was William duke of Normandy English or not?


What number duke was duke William of Normandy?

There were two Dukes of Normandy named William: William I Longsword was the 2nd Duke of Normandy. William II the Conqueror was the 7th Duke of Normandy (also known as King William I).

What did William Duke of Normandy do to punish the English?

raise taxes

Who became English King in 1066?

William, Duke of Normandy

Where did William Duke of Normandy come from?

William duke of Normandy came from France

Did William duke of Normandy have kids?

William Duke Of Normandy have a Wife and Kids?? What are there names??

What is the First name of the Duke of Normandy?

William the Duke of Normandy

Why Didnt The English Like William Duke Of Normandy?

cause he was french

Why shouldn't William duke of Normandy be king?

Because he was French not English.

Who conquered England in 1066?

The Normans, under William the Duke of Normandy.Duke William of Normandy

Why did the English not accept William Duke of Normandy as king?

because he was french and gy

Who became king out of Harold godwinson Harald Hadraada and William duke of Normandy?

William duke of Normandy

Who was battling out in the Hastings battle?

The English King, Harold hardrada and William, Duke of Normandy.

What sea did William duke of Normandy cross?

The English Channel which is part of the North Sea

Why did William duke of Normandy cross the English channel?

So he could kill the englishmen

What is another name for William of Normandy?

William the Conqueror, William I,William the Bastard,William of Normandy,Duke William,

What did the English call William the Conqueror?

William the Bastard (as he was illegitmate) or officially the Duke of Normandy which he was before he conquered England.

What was William duke of Normandys' nationality?

it was spoke of england that duke williams nationality was english He was french and came from Normandy

When did William duke of Normandy become duke of Normandy?

he became king because he was clever and organized

Who shot William duke of Normandy?

me... .

What relation was William duke of Normandy to Harold goodwin?

they were both one of the contenders of the English throne

Who conquered England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

William the Duke of Normandy. William the Conquerer. William of Normandy

How many soldiers did William of Normandy have 1066?

william o normandy had over 1000 soldiers

Why did William duke of Normandy wait?

William duke of Normandy had to wait because the weather wasn't good enough to sail to England to fight.

Who is regarded as the most hated king in English history?

William duke of Normandy is the most hated king in English history