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he defeated the titans and had amazing powers
beacause his parents were titans and he was born an immortal god. He just was born that way the way you were just born a human (or whatever u r)

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What is the god of Zeus?

zeus has no god. he is his own god as he is the god of all gods.

Who was Zeus God?

Zeus was the god of all gods

What is Zeus really the god of?

Zeus is the god of weather

Was Zeus a Norse God?

No, Zeus was a Greek god.

Who is roman god Zeus?

Zeus is Zeus.

Are god and Zeus the same god?

no, because for one God is capitalized and two God is the bible Zeus the god is not in the Bible.

What were Zeus the GOD of?

Zeus was the god of the caves.

Zeus is a god of?

Zeus is the god of the sky, the heavens, and weather.

What do god Zeus do?

god Zeus is in charge of making thunder

Is Zeus a greek god?

Yes Zeus is a Greek god

What was Zeus a peroson or a god?

Zeus was a ancient Greek god.

What is Zeus the geek god?

Zeus is the Greek god of the sky.

Which god was loved by Zeus?

The god loved by Zeus was Hera.

Are Zeus and God the same god?

NO; Zeus is a Greek Mythology God.zeus is not the same as god

Is Zeus the powerful god?

Zeus is the chief god in Greek mythology. He is the god of thunder. The "big three" are Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Zeus is the chief god so he is also the most powerful god in Greek mythology.

What is Zeus god of?

Zeus is the god of the gods. His weapon is the lightning bolt.

Who is Zeus Greek god?

Zeus was the supreme god and ruler of Olympus.

Is Zeus God?

Zeus is the mythological Greek God of the Sky and Thunder.

What god of Zeus Explain?

Zeus was the god of the sky, clouds, and rain.

Is Zeus a god or a goddess?

Zeus is a Greek god, son of Cronus.

How did Zeus become the god of the gods?

Zeus did not become the supreme God

When and how did Zeus die?

Zeus didn't die. He was an immortal god.

Is Zeus the god of goddesses?

Zeus is the leader god. he is the god of ligtning and the sky. and that's all there is to it

Who is the God of the underworld and brother of Zeus?

Hades, the god of the underworld, is the brother of the god of the sky, Zeus.

Who is Zeus' god or goddess?

Zeus is the head of the Greek pantheon; he has no god or goddess. He is a god, the chief god as it were.

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