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Why was calligraphy regarded the highest form of visual arts in china?


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The painting is not complete without calligraphy, yet calligraphy can stand alone.

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Calligraphy is one of China's oldest art form and calligraphy is a type of writing

technically, your question. perhaps a sentence like "In china, people use calligraphy instead of a written alphabet

It was created during the Shang dynasty.

Calligrahy was first developed in western Europe by monks at about 1500 or later. At that same time calligraphy was being developed in China.

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Yes, the Chineese calligraphy artist you're talking about is indeed one of the nephews of the last Emperor Puyi of China.

It's most likely Chinese Calligraphy, not Japanese. They would use it because Feng Shui comes from China.

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In Japanese calligraphy "kanji" is the symbol, Chinese calligraphy similarly has unique symbols. In China the Magpie is an avian symbol, whereas we westerners have our "Bluebird of Happiness"

Calligraphy is an ancient form of writing. It began in China from at least 800 AD and is based on Chinese characters. In an Islamic context it refers to artistic writing of Arabic script.

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The most popular hobbies in China are gardening, flying kites, playing chess, and landscaping. The most popular folk arts are calligraphy and painting.

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