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Because he was in to drugs in his teens

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Who was Charlie Parkers parents?

me and crayons

What are charlie Parkers accomplishments?

he is a musician

Which song was charlie parkers most famous?


What the bird name in Charlie Brown?

Woodstock .

What is Charlie Browns bird's name?

Charlie Brown doesn't have a bird but his dog Snoopy has a bird friend named Woodstock.

Who replaced Miles Davis in charlie parkers band?

Kenny Durham

What is kim's real name from the tv show the Parkers?

on the parkers as kim whats her real name

What is the name of the cartoon dog who has a bird living on it's head?

Snoppy from Charlie Brown, the bird is Woodstock

Who was yellow bird on Charlie Browns name?

Its name is Woodstock, snoopy's best friend

What is little name of bird on Charlie Brown tv shows?

Woodstock .

What jazz musician is known as The Bird?

Charlie Parker was known as The Charlie "Bird" Parker :)

When was Charlie Bird born?

Charlie Bird was born on 1949-09-09.

Bird's name on Charlie Brown?

Woodstock was the little bird in the Peanuts cartoon.

What are charlie parker's nicknames?

Bird, Yardbird, & Zoizeau (in France) I think that he recorded a album under the name of Charlie Chan.

What is the duration of Charlie Bird Explores?

The duration of Charlie Bird Explores is 3120.0 seconds.

What is candace parkers middle name?


What musician has the nickname bird?

Charlie "Bird" Parker

What is the name of Sarah jessica parkers child?


What is tom Parkers middle name?

His full name is Thomas Anthony Parker.

Name two famous jazz saxophone players?

Charlie Parker (Bird) Lester Young (Prez)

What is peter parkers name?

it's actually Toby McGuire

Candace Parkers full name?

Candace Nicole Parker

What is Peter parkers aunt's name in the movie?

Aunt May

Who was the bird in Charlie Brown?


Who is Charlie Bird?

Charlie Bird is a tv reporter and journalist. He appears on the Irish news channel, RTE News. He is the Washington correspondant.