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Chewing Gum was invented to freshen the breath and clean the teeth.

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Where was gum chewing invented?

Chewing Gum Was Invented In The State Of Maine

When was chewing invented?

Chewing gum was invented in 1871.

Where and why was chewing gum invented?

chewing gum was invented by my great uncles grandpas 3rd cousins kid. He invented it while trying to make bread.

Where was gum created?

chewing gum was invented by the Greeks and the itallians.

Did Frank Fleer invent chewing gum?

No, he invented bubble gum. Thomas Adams inventer chewing gum in 1870

Who have invented the chewing gum?

While ancient people could technically be credited with the invention of chewing gum, the gum that we enjoy today was invented by Thomas Adams in 1869.

Who created chewing gum?

Jessica Nicole Smith invented gum

Why was gum invented?

Chewing gum was invented to freshen breath and help keep teeth clean.

Who has invented chewing gum?

Mr willglery

Where was chewing gum invented?

It was invented in the time of yore, as a substitute for masturbation.

Who invented bubble gum and chewing gum?

Well it an be anything but no one knows

What was the name of the first chewing gum invented?


Who invented Wrigley's chewing gum?

A black man...

What is Spidge?

Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum.

What was the exact reason that chewing gum was invented?

to have good mouth musils while chewing

Where was the chewing gum invented?

Evidence of the world's oldest chewing gum has been found in Finland.The Mayan, turned the thick milky liquid from the tree and harden it into chewing gum. In Mexico it is now called "chicle"

How old was Thomas Adams when he invented chewing gum?

he was 53

What was the first type of chewing gum in the world?

The first type of gum was black jack gum it was invented in 1871.

How was chewing gum invented?

Chewing gum was discovered, rather than invented. Ancient Greeks, Native American and many other cultures have chewed on the saps, tars and resins from trees.

Why was bubble gum invented?

Gum was not made for a how. It was started by people chewing Chicle (CHEEK-lay).

What does chicle mean?

chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum. It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum.

Where was bubble gum invented?

Bubble gum was invented at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia. It was created by Walter E. Diemer who made a formula that was stretchy and less sticky.

What year was chewing gum invented?

in either 1869, 1848, or 1928

When was the first chewing gum manufactured?

1870, invented by Thomas Adams.

What is the name of the person who invented chewing gum and how was it developed?

ubbe games