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Because the South reluctantly agreed to it, having been offered inducements, including the Fugitive Slave Act, allowing official slave-catchers to hunt down runaways.

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Q: Why was congress able to pass the compromise of 1850?
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What was the crittenden compromise - was it able to pass both houses of congress?


Why did northerns and southerners in congress pass the Compromise of 1850?

Because both sides were still hoping to avert a civil war.

Who held Henry Clay for the compromise of 1850?

The original Compromise of 1850 failed to pass the Senate. Stephen Douglas helped Henry Clay by dividing the Compromise into 5 smaller bills and was able to push the bills through the Senate.

What was Stephen A Duglas's role in pssing the Compromise of 1850?

I'm pretty sure Stephen A. Douglas DID NOT pass the Compromise of 1850. He only agreed about the idea of a railroad starting from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean. Douglas's plan failed anyway, but just to be clear that Stephen A. Douglass was NOT in any part of passing the Compromise of 1850, I promise you! Yea you are wrong, he helped pass the law through congress by splitting them up into 6 (later 5) separate measures. few members were prepared to vote for all of them, but from different elements Douglas hoped to mobilize a majority for each.

How did Millard Fillmore help pass the compromise of 1850?

Yes, he did- it was not completely successful but it did stave off the Civil War for awhile.

Who was one of the men who persuaded Congress to accept the Missouri Compromise?

John Quincy Adams convinced Congress to sign or pass the Missouri Compromise

What was tried to prevent the civil war?

A bill was presented to congress called the Crittenden Plan which was a compromise to prevent war. However both sides were tired of compromise and the bill did not pass.

Who was the winner of the Missouri Compromise?

There was no winner. It was meant to be the 'level playing field', with slavery South of the line, and free soil North of it, so that the North would not be able to dominate Congress and pass laws unfavourable to the South.

What laws did Millard Fillmore try to pass?

Fillmore supported the Compromise of 1850 which was Henry Clay's attempt to resolve the crisis over slavery and prevent a civil war.

Why did the compromise of 1850 satisfy neither side?

The South was unhappy about the increasing difficulty of creating new slave-states. It looked as though they would always be outvoted in Congress, which would tend to pass laws that favoured the North at their expense. The North was not happy about the other half of the bargain - the Fugitive Slave Act, which was the big gesture of appeasement of the South, that they'd had to agree in order to get the Compromise accepted. This Act turned ordinary citizens into unpaid slave-catchers, which they greatly resented. (It caused Harriet Beecher Stowe to write 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' in protest.)

What effect did Dred Scott court case have on Dred Scott's freedom and on The Missouri Compromise?

The Dred Scott case decision in 1857 by the US Supreme Court did not actively effect the 1850 Missouri Compromise. The Compromise had been negated by the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854.What was effected was the Court's ruling that the US Congress could not pass legislation on slavery. Slavery was property and was constitutional according to the ruling of the Court. Scott never became a freeman.

How do you think the senators and representatives might compromise to reach agreement to pass a bill?

how do senaors and representatives compromise to pass a bill