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because they used wood smoke as a deorderant in the middle ages


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Poor people far outnumbered middle class in the Middle Ages. The serfs and other peasants were the great majority of the population, and the Middle Class was very small. So there were more cottages for poor people than middle class houses.

Why is the yeoman in the middle ages so sun tanned

Most houses were peasant cottages, and most of these had one room, with possibly a loft. Large houses could be gigantic, and have so many rooms you would not want to count them.

well we are middle ages people! so how do we live with our animals?

People used sundials in the Middle Ages. You can read more about it at the Related Link. Clocks were invented during the Middle Ages, so there were a few, at least.

What is important about middle ages, lord, and serfs is their interdependence.

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

Most historians date the Middle Ages from 476 to 1453. The 14th century was from 1301 to 1400, so it was clearly entirely within the Middle Ages, and part of the Middle Ages happened after the 14th century.

Electronic payment systems were not preferred in the Middle Ages. The middle Ages did not have any computers, so electronic payment systems were not invented yet.

The next age after the Middle Ages was the Renaissance or Early Modern Age. There is a bit of overlap between the two, as the Renaissance is taken as beginning about 1350 and the Middle Ages ending about 1450 or so.

Sorry, the Tudors ruled after the Middle Ages ended, so the question is moot.

Babylon didn't exist in the middle ages, so they didn't move there.

During the Middle Ages, books were produced by writing them by hand, one at a time. That is why they were so expensive.

Religion was very important in the middle ages. there was a church in the middle of every village and religion effected all aspects of life.

I really don't know that's why i asked you so if you can please tell me what the knights of middle ages wear

No. The middle ages ended about or close to 1400. Elizabeth I was queen in 1533, so she was after and at the start of the Renaissance

Because back in the Middle Ages they didn't have satellites. They just estimated the landscape. So that is why the were not perfect.

The word "medieval" is the adjective used to indicate something was from the Middle Ages, so the meanings of these two terms are very closely related. The term Dark Ages usually appears as an old designation for the time of about the 5th century to the 11th century. This time is now usually referred to as the Early Middle Ages, and is regarded as the first half of the Middle Ages. After the Early Middle Ages was a time lasting from about 1000 to 1350 which is called the High Middle Ages, and this is followed by a time from about 1350 to 1450 or 1500 called the Late Middle Ages.

Rome fell to the barbarians and when this happened in 410 AD the world was thrown into chaos. No services or government existed so the "dark ages" or middle ages began.

There was a certain overlap between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, particularly in Italy, where the Renaissance began about a hundred years before the Middle Ages ended. So there was a point when they were the same. Fashions change, however, and this was especially true in both the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Apart from that bit of overlap, clothing of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages were different.

the middle ages were 5th century through to the 15th century and we are now in the 21st century so that would make it over 600 hundred years ago when the middle ages were around.

The religion of Mormonism didn't exist in the middle ages. The middle ages were from 410 AD to 1400 and Joseph Smith didn't create the religion until the 1800's in the United States. During the middle ages the only religion was the Catholic. So to answer your question they didn't settle anywhere.

There was one church and one religion in the middle ages and that was Catholic. So, any timeline would be of the Catholic Church.

People in the middle ages didn't bathe often so they were not usually clean. So instead women would spray on perfumes and wear flowers.

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