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Q: Why was drama important when people couldn't read or write?
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How do you write a letter to Penelope from Odysseus explaining why he was late?

He was late beacause he couldnt make it.Odysseus said he had more important stuff to do.

Was prince estabrook educated?

no he wasnt he couldnt read nor could he write ! :)

What does dramatist mean?

A dramatist means a person who writes plays or you could say drama

How do you write drama in Greek?


How can you write to Total Drama Island?

go to, and you can write comments to the Makers and Actors/Voice Spekers of Total Drama Island

How do you write an essay of drama?

if you know what an essay is then just write one

Why is it important to write laws?

You may forget something and or maybe people want to know about why is it important to write laws down.

What was William Shakespeare's importance in history?

Shakespeare is only important in literary history. He is one of the most important figures to legitimize the Modern English language as a literary language. He is also very significant in the history of the development of drama, being one of the first dramatists to write character-driven drama.

Why notebook and pencil important?

Because people like to write! :)

Are scribes important?

Scribes are important because they could write for people who can't (because of injuries) and the people who don't know how.

Why did the Victorians hit the children with a cane?

because the children couldnt either: write neatly or they messed about or they was naughty or late to school

What does play write mean in drama?

The term is playwright. The playwright or dramatist is the person who creates the script or drama. A drama is any work, serious or not, which is intended to be preformed.