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A dramatist means a person who writes plays or you could say drama

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a drama queen in the social setting

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Dramatist are people who write and also act in a play

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Q: What does dramatist mean?
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What is the quality of Quince in midsummer nights dream?

Do you mean the quality of Quince as a person or as a dramatist or as a carpenter? He's a pretty good person, an awful dramatist, and as a carpenter, well, nobody knows.

When was David Eldridge - dramatist - born?

David Eldridge - dramatist - was born in 1973.

When was Terry Johnson - dramatist - born?

Terry Johnson - dramatist - was born in 1955.

When was David Greig - dramatist - born?

David Greig - dramatist - was born in 1969.

When did George Fisher - dramatist - die?

George Fisher - dramatist - died in 1970.

When was George Fisher - dramatist - born?

George Fisher - dramatist - was born in 1909.

When was John Ford - dramatist - born?

John Ford - dramatist - was born in 1586.

When did James Kenney - dramatist - die?

James Kenney - dramatist - died in 1849.

When was Michael Morton - dramatist - born?

Michael Morton - dramatist - was born in 1864.

When did Michael Morton - dramatist - die?

Michael Morton - dramatist - died in 1931.

When did Thomas Hales - dramatist - die?

Thomas Hales - dramatist - died in 1780.

When did William Cartwright - dramatist - die?

William Cartwright - dramatist - died in 1643.