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The most important reason was so that the people who make up more than half of the population could have some say on the public policies that would affect their lives.

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Q: Why was gaining the right to vote so important to women?
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What was about the women's suffrage about?

It was about gaining women's rights.

When did women gaining the right to vote?

Women gained the right to vote around the 1920's, when many feminist activists stood up for women's rights.

Why were women rights so important?

The right to vote was important to women because it confirmed their position in society as human beings equal to men. Also, the right to vote would allow women to have influence over issues affecting their lives.

What is another name for women gaining the right to vote?

The term that you are looking for may be women's suffrage.

When did the women of Thailand get the right to vote?

Not all women in the world have the right to vote and express their views on important matters. Women in Thailand got the right to vote in 1932. Many exercise this right in elections.

Was a success of the women and rights movement achieved by the end of the S's?

breaking down barriers to women attending college or gaining the right to vote for all women..

What was the most important gain for women in 1920s?

Their right to vote.

What is the significance of the nineteenth amendment to the us constitution?

It was important because it gave every citizen, regardless of sex, the right to vote.

Who was on of the most important women in the fight for women's right to vote?

Susan B. Anthony

Why did nellie mcclung become a activist?

where did Nellie Mcclung become a activist

What is the significance of the 19 amendment?

It gave American women the right to vote in elections.

What was the most important outcome of the American revolution for white women?

the right to vote